EQStable App by Zoetis Offers New Equine Weight Calculator

Zoetis has updated its EQStable app to include a new equine weight calculator to help make accurate deworming and medication dose calculations simple. Users will find the weight calculator within the main menu of the EQStable app as well as in a quick link when entering their horse’s information.

“Through the EQStable app, horse owners are able to access equine health information in the palm of their hands in order to provide the best possible care for their horse,” said Sally Amtmann, senior equine marketing manager, Zoetis. “The inclusion of the weight calculator advances the app to help horse owners provide accurate deworming treatments to their horses and assist in preventing parasite resistance.”

Treatment doses for dewormers and many medications are based on the weight of the horse. If you underdose your horse when deworming, you could be contributing to the development of parasite resistance.

The updated EQStable app is available for free at the Apple App Store. Additional features of the EQStable app include:

  • An Individualized Deworming questionnaire to help horse owners determine their horse’s parasite risk profile and create a deworming plan to meet their horse’s unique needs.
  • Calendar reminders for deworming, vaccinations, farrier visits, dental exams as well as events and trips.
  • Track My Ride: Allows riders to track and save their rides with a ride history log. Riders can name each route and specify the horse they rode and share their ride with friends on Facebook.
  • Horse health tips: Featured tips on deworming, vaccination, dentistry and shoeing for a horse or herd.
  • GlobalVetLINK: Provides on-the-go access to digital health certificates (ICVIs), digital EIA (Coggins) certificates and GoPass six-month passports.
  • Horse health products: Lists photos and general information about each Zoetis product as well as where to purchase.

Download the EQStable app today at the Apple App Store. Begin by entering your horse’s information to easily keep track of his health care needs.

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