Equine Consultations

Equine soundness and health are complicated topics, often with multiple interconnecting pieces, each playing a part. Dr. Tom Schell of Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc., has been actively investigating options for therapy that impact the entire horse; focusing on systemic inflammation modulation, nutrition and corrective trimming with barefoot applications.

For many years, Dr. Schell has helped rehabilitate Thoroughbreds that are off the track or retired as a result of persistent lameness from many disciplines. In most cases, many of these horses have had exhaustive resources applied to their conditions, but have failed to show progress. Dr. Schell’s approach has been to evaluate the entire horse, taking those pieces of the puzzle and putting them together to arrive at a solution. In many cases, various lameness conditions involving chronic tendon or foot issues are resolved quickly through the use of Cur-OST Equine Supplements, but a whole horse approach is applied with corrective trimming, balancing, diet and saddle fit modifications to enhance the results for the long term Over 80% of these horses have been returned to active competition or riding despite their prior diagnosis without the need for medications.

“The horse is a complicated animal on many levels and we have to understand that most health and lameness problems we see are the result of several factors, not just one. Often, we just focus on the injured tendon, ligament, joint problem, ulcer or even rotation of the coffin bone, when we should step back and see the entire horse and get the big picture. When we are able to do this, the results are better for the horse and rider,” stated Dr. Schell

After almost 20 years of clinical equine practice and eight years of applied research, Dr. Schell is now offering his services on a consultative basis. Learn how to apply our Cur-OST formulas to your horse’s particular situation. Discover the biomechanics behind X-ray findings, the impact of diet, stress and how to make changes to benefit your horse’s health and soundness.

At Nouvelle Research, Inc, we are here to do more than just provide high quality, research based supplements. We are here to help your horse recover!

Inquiries regarding consultations may be made by email to Dr. Tom Schell at

For more information regarding Nouvelle Research, Inc. and the Cur-OST line of Equine Supplements, please visit or call 1-800-476-4702.

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of curcumin based equine supplements that target the inflammatory response. Dr. Tom Schell has been an avid researcher of inflammation, applying and conducting research with the goal of developing new options to help maintain health in the horse. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-476-4702.






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