Equine Dermatology Expert Dr. Rosanna Marsella: Summer Whinnys “Exceeds Expectations” in Wound/Sore Protection

In a note to Sox For Horses, Inc. founder and president, Ray Petterson, award-winning veterinary dermatologist, research author and professor, Rosanna Marsella, DVM, of the University of Florida (Gainesville) College of Veterinary Medicine, said about her results with a prototype of SFH’s, soon to be released, The Silver Lining Wraps on her equine patients: “This material has incredible potential for summer sores (habronema) and non-healing wounds. It exceeded my expectations!”

Marsella, a 2006 recipient of the University of Florida Superior Accomplishment Award, is a leading researcher in immunology of allergic skin diseases and atopic dermatitis. In June 2014 she joined Drs. C. Johnson and K. Ahrens in publishing (Res. Vet. Sci.) the first case report of “Ultrastructural Cutaneous Abnormalities in Equine Atopic Dermatitis,” and in September 2013 independently published (Vet. Clin. North Am. Equine Practice) a paper on “Equine allergy therapy: Update on the treatment of environmental, insect bite hypersensitivity and food allergies.”

Her research into atopic dermatitis (AD), a common skin disease that affects humans and animals, looks at the pathogenesis of Equine AD. “As remarkable similarities exist across species in terms of cutaneous manifestations of AD, it was speculated that skin abnormalities may also exist in atopic horses. It is currently unknown whether these abnormalities are primary or secondary and their importance in allergen penetration.”

Petterson, whose company is based in Tallahassee, FL, invited the esteemed researcher to try Summer Whinnys antimicrobial leg protection with her own patients and the results, Marsella reported, delivered on their promise to protect during healing.

“I have excellent news on the socks. For one, my mare left the short socks alone and in just a few days is almost completely healed.

“The other good news is that I tried the wraps on a chronic wound on the leg of a different horse. This wound had granulation tissue that would bleed and never close and had failed to improve with antibiotics. I used a clean wrap every 12 hours. After the first two days, the wound was no longer bleeding, no longer thick around the edges and went from ‘angry’ and fire-red to light pink and showing a thin epithelium.

“I am thrilled to say the least. You need to get these new wraps on the market! This material has incredible potential for summer sores (habronema) and non-healing wounds.”

The first name in dependable, year-round equine leg protection, for veterinarians and owners alike, continues to be Summer Whinnys. Studies by veterinarians on horses suffering from hard-to-resolve leg issues have all led to one result: Sox For Horses, Inc. and its protective, antimicrobial equine socks deliver everything needed to protect legs from biting and disease-carrying insects during the healing process.

Silver embedded in its yarn maintains a hygienic environment around legs that is useful for reducing dirt, debris and bio-burden near pre-existing wounds. The high-performance yarn continuously protects the socks from playing host to bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew in the toughest conditions and will not degrade or wash out for the life of the socks regardless of how many times they are machine washed and dried.

“After the positive reception our Summer Whinnys received at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine at Gainesville last spring, SFHs is bringing home the fact that Summer Whinnys go beyond fly protection and cross successfully into uses as bandaging options and wound/sore protection. They belong in barns year-around, wherever leg and skin protection are needed.”

The Sox For Horses, Inc. mission is to help owners better help their equines, make a difference in the lives of people and animals by supporting equine and animal rescue organizations, secure and add jobs in American manufacturing and is an American Manufacturer. Summer Whinnys and their warm winter socks, Whinny Warmers are Made In America. Visit or call Sox For Horses, Inc. 850-907-5724 to talk to a real person about fitting the right socks for your horse.






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