Equine Experts Featured at Horse Expo University

It’s probably been a wee bit of time since you dashed between classes, loaded down with books and pencils, hoping that you don’t arrive after the bell.

Speed up the time machine, and here’s an opportunity for learning from the very best in the world–no tests or stress! Western States Horse Expo features “classes” at its University “campus,” but don’t worry–all the subjects are about your favorite topic: Horses!

Horse Expo, June 5-7 at Cal Expo in Sacramento, California is proud to present a remarkable array of the top equine experts in the nation. The lineup includes:

Deb Bennett, PhD, Equine Studies

Known throughout the world for her expertise, Bennett is an authority on the classification, evolution, anatomy and biomechanics of fossil and living horses. She often covers such topics as the history of the domestication of horses, and that when working with horses every horse person should consider the physical body of the horse as well as the “inner life” of the horse. Perhaps one of the most popular subjects she addresses is what happens when the horse is ridden too early in life.

Robert Miller, DVM, Horse Behavior

Miller, a familiar expert to Horse Expo attendees, is a world-renowned speaker and author on horse behavior and natural horsemanship. He is the founder of the revolutionary foal training technique known as “imprint training.” Over the past 25 years, he has become a mentor to natural horsemanship clinicians around the world. His ability to explain how and why the clinicians’ training techniques are so effective has made him a driving force in the natural horsemanship movement towards better, more humane, and more effective training of horses.

Bill Bookout, Animal Supplement Council

As president of the National Animal Supplement Council, Bill Bookout has overseen the mission of helping to ensure, manage and effectively monitor risk of use for products and ingredients for horses. Established in 2002, the NASC was formed because current laws were developed prior to the widespread use of animal supplements.

Claire Thunes, PhD, Equine Nutrition

Thunes is an independent equine nutritionist. Her clients come from across North America and range from backyard ponies to top international performance horses. Committed to bringing her clients the very latest knowledge, she is a member of the American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists and the Equine Science Society. She provides consulting services to local equine veterinarians on both medical and clinical cases. Thunes is one of very few independent equine nutritionists and as such the advice she gives is unbiased and tailored solely to the horse’s needs.

Tom Mayes, Alternative and Holistic Health

Mayes is formally trained in Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral, Acupressure TCM, Myofascial Release and Reiki. He has studied with world-class professionals in proven ancient therapies and modern cutting-edge modalities. Tom is the creator of “Integrated Equine Therapies,” a highly effective approach that addresses the core causes of lameness, metabolic and emotional dysfunctions. Today, through his teachings in the equine world, Tom is determined to shift current paradigms and to redefine and extend the boundaries of what’s possible. “My passion is teaching,” said Mayes, “and creating that passion in others. Whether it’s in one of my equine wellness clinics or while working on a client’s horse, I love helping people connect with their horses and themselves. Watching them develop skills they thought unattainable and achieve remarkable results, brings me great joy.”

Cathy Penrod, Equicoach

Being a professional Performance Coach is Cathy’s passion. It combines her lifelong love of horses with Cathy’s skill, enthusiasm and commitment for mentoring success. With more than 19 years of leadership experience and a proven track record in fostering results, she helps equine businesses, trainers, show teams, and riders excel in their chosen fields. Cathy takes a holistic approach to help people professionally and personally in all aspects of their lives. She travels throughout North America to work onsite with barn owners, trainers and riders.

Win Wolcott, Nutrition

Wolcott addresses numerous equine nutrition challenges, including the topic of “hard keepers.” He covers such subjects as parasites, teeth, metabolism and solutions from management to diet. Wolcott concluded, “It is not unusual for horse owners, who have wrestled with the problem of hard keepers for many years, to solve the problem by using simple management practices. In most situations, given the opportunity, a hard-keeping horse will readily respond to needed changes in management and diet.”

These renowned equine experts–and so much more–can be seen for the one-day ticket price of $18 at the gate or $45 for all three days.

Here’s an even greater way to save on tickets. Until June 5, on-line tickets are only $15 each. So visit on-line at to buy tickets and save enough money for corn dogs at the expo!






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