Equine Guelph a Leader in eLearning

Aug. 14, 2013 — The 10th anniversary year at Equine Guelph has given the horse community much to celebrate! They have proven themselves leaders in equine education, health and welfare once again with the launch of many new successful programs from the HEALTHflash communications program to the new online Colic Risk Rater tool and the introduction of three eWorkshops.

Over 440 horse enthusiasts, short on time, but hungry for knowledge, participated in Equine Guelph’s newly launched two-week eWorkshops this past spring. Created as a response to industry demand, the three eWorkshops focus on: Horse Behavior and Safety, Colic Prevention and Biosecurity.

The Horse Behavior and Safety eWorkshop helps horse owners take action to create a safe environment for themselves and their horses. Participants learn safety through understanding horse behavior. Participant Gayda Errett from Balderton, Ontario, found the knowledge acquired from guest speaker Dr. Rebecca Gimenez invaluable as she applied it only a week later to rescue her horse from a situation where it had become cast.

The Colic Prevention eWorkshop helps horse owners reduce the risk of colic in their horses by increasing their knowledge of risk factors and preventative management strategies. Student Jennifer Stefik from British Columbia said, “Equine Guelph’s eWorkshop gave me a clear and concise understanding of how to prevent colic in a simple, straight-forward course.”

The Biosecurity eWorkshop helps horse owners take steps to protect their horses from infectious disease. Participants learn practical ways to reduce the chance of infectious diseases both on the farm and while traveling. Student Patty Russen from New York commented, “This course offered extensive information on biosecurity. I believe it to be valuable, and even essential, for any barn owner or for any horse owner/boarder that wants to protect and give their horse the best and safest conditions possible.”

The fall offerings will deliver more knowledge from experts on topics the equine industry has cited as top priorities. Equine Guelph’s director Gayle Ecker said, “The two-week short course format has proven popular as a quick, effective way for horse owners to learn more about safety and important equine welfare topics. We are very pleased with the response from the industry Kemptville Campus has added both the Colic Prevention and the Biosecurity eWorkshop to their equine undergraduate degree and diploma academic programs. Equine Canada has also approved the eWorkshops for updating credits for their coaches.

You can register for Equine Guelph’s upcoming Fall eWorkshops at http://equineguelph.ca/education/eworkshops.php. The courses and dates are:

  • Horse Behavior and Safety – Sept. 9-22
  • Colic Prevention – Sept. 23 to Oct. 6
  • Biosecurity – Oct. 21 to Nov. 3

You can also sign up to receive HEALTHflash (free seasonal healthcare reminders) at EquineGuelph.ca for your chance to win one of these eWorkshops by participating in a survey launching this September in the Fall edition of HEALTHflash.



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