Equine Herpes Case Raises Concerns Among Colorado Horse Owners

FOX NEWS 31 — MAY 12, 2012 — Franktown, Colo. — State veterinary officials say they’re keeping a close eye on a Franktown equestrian center after a horse there contracted a deadly virus known as EHV or horse herpes.

On Friday officials say they were forced to euthanize one sick horse at the Castlewood Equestrian Center.

Officials say the horse may have contracted the virus while in Iowa last week.

So far no other horses have been reported to be infected but other horse owners say there is a real fear that the disease could spread.

“It’s a huge deal, because now those horses can’t come in contact, what are you going do… I would say it’s one that will have a really big negative impact on the entire industry,” says horse owner Rob Koltiska.

Officials are quick to say that there has only been one confirmed case so far, but that they are monitoring any horses that may have come in contract with the virus.

Last year, several western states reported an outbreak that left several horses infected including here in Colorado.

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