Equine Oat Research Advisory Board Conducts Inaugural Meeting

LOUISVILLE, KY — APR. 23, 2013 – The Equine Feed Oat Project conducted its inaugural board meeting in Orlando, Fl., officially ushering into existence the first-of-its kind organization. The EORAB will encourage, and recommend for funding, research projects that will increase knowledge of equine nutrition and well-being. The Advisory Board brings the best minds from the equine and oat industries together to promote new research.

“What we’ve heard from horse owners, time and time again, is that there is a tremendous desire for information on equine nutrition in the marketplace,” said Bill Wilton, President of the Prairie Oat Growers Association. “In addition, there is a vast amount of conflicting information, which understandably contributes to the confusion of horse owners. Our goal in creating the Equine Oat Research Advisory Board is to educate horse owners about equine nutrition based on factual, scientific research.”

The Board is made up of highly distinguished experts from across the equine, oat and research industries. The newly announced board includes university researchers, equine nutritionists, extension specialists, equine veterinarians, feed manufacturers, oat millers, equine publication representatives and plant breeders. The Board’s membership includes some of the most respected, well-known authorities on equine feed, health and nutrition.

By bringing together respected representatives of different disciplines and industries, the EORAB is a convenient forum in which the members can combine their various areas of expertise. This interdisciplinary approach will facilitate broad yet detailed discussion, encourage collaboration across fields and produce more complete research studies. Rather than simply focusing upon one element of the equine or oat industry, the Equine Oat Research Advisory Board has taken a holistic approach. The goal is to create a complete one-stop-shop for all facets of professional knowledge on equine oats.

“Our vision for the Equine Oat Research Advisory Board is to develop the scientific research necessary to prove the nutritional benefits of feeding oats to horses in order to better educate horse owners who are responsible for making feed-purchase decisions,” said Wilton. “This collection of elite experts is committed to providing horse owners with reliable, meaningful insights into the equine nutrition industry.”

The Equine Oat Research Advisory Board was established by the Equine Feed Oat Project, an initiative of the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA), which represents 15,000 hard-working Canadian oat growers.

Below is the complete Equine Oat Research Advisory Board membership listed in alphabetical order:

  • Dwayne Anderson, Vice President, Prairie Oat Growers Association
  • Dave Andrick, The Equine Network, Publisher
  • Dennis Galbraith, Viterra, Oat Milling Specialist
  • Julie Goodnight, HorseMaster with Julie Goodnight, Host
  • Dr. Mary Beth Gordon, Purina Animal Nutrition®, Director of Equine Research and New Product Development
  • Dr. David Kendra, Senior Manager, Global Oat Agronomic Research, PepsiCo
  • Dr. Emily Lamprecht, Cargill, Technology Lead-Consumer Nutrition
  • Dr. Laurie Lawrence, University of Kentucky, Department of Animal & Food Sciences, Professor
  • Dr. Brian Nielsen, Michigan State University, Department of Animal Sciences, Professor
  • Dr. Randel Raub, Ridely Inc., U.S. Feed Operations, Director of Research and Marketing
  • Dr. Brian Rossnagel, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Dennis Sigler, Texas A&M University, Animal Science Department, Extension Horse Specialist/Professor
  • Patrick Trowbridge, Equine Titles for I-5 Publishing, Horse Illustrated, Young Rider and Your New Horse, Vice-President and Group Publisher
  • Dr. Lori Warren, University of Florida, Department of Animal Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Nathaniel White II, DVM, MS, DACVS, Professor of Surgery at Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center
  • Bill Wilton, President, Prairie Oat Growers Association

Upcoming calls for research pre-proposals can be found at www.EquineOats.org.



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