Equi-Taping Practitioner Certification Course Expands Across the Country in 2014

3H Veterinary Services Clinic located in New Hill, North Carolina, was the host location for Equi-Tape’s most recent certification course held this past November to a sold out field of equine health care practitioners. The Equi-Taping Certification Course is open exclusively to equine professionals such as veterinarians, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists and other equine health care practitioners who hold a professional license or certification.

The New Hill location had an international flair with three equine practitioners attending from north of the border with others coming in from as far away as Texas. The international mix combined with a high level of excitement and enthusiasm for this new equine modality made for an interesting and enjoyable weekend, noted Dr. Beverly Gordon, developer and founder of Equi-Tape.

The company’s long term goal is have the Equi-Taping method and strategies become as common place as massage therapy, chiropractic and other holistic approaches to equine health care and athletic training. With the high level of interest developing amongst industry leaders in this new equine health care modality; we expect to certify over 200 equine practitioners in Equi-Taping methods and strategies by the end of 2014 offering elastic kinesiology taping services as part of their standard health care protocol. New courses are currently being scheduled for Florida, Texas, California and Ohio with a full complement of other locations being posted soon.

Equi-Tape is the first elastic kinesiology athletic training tape designed specifically for use on horses. It is a latex-free, elastic cotton two-way stretch tape technology that contains advanced adhesive properties for ease of application, removal and placement longevity. The mechanism by which Equi-Tape affects the body is completely different from those of traditional athletic tape. The effect of elastic kinesiology tape is based on its ability to interact with the skin and associated neuro, mechano and sensory receptors. Unlike a brace or support, elastic kinesiology tape neither compresses tissue nor limits range of motion. In fact, the tape decompresses the tissue, and lifts the skin allowing increased blood and lymph circulation which assists in the body’s natural ability to heal.

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RS Bioceuticals in collaboration with The Horse In Motion and Dr. Beverly Gordon jointly make up the Equi-Tape Education Team. Our motto, “Innovation thru Collaboration,” is clearly evident in this collaborative relationship. RS Bioceuticals is a manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and product development company that uses its experience to solve critical business challenges and build successful product and brand solutions. To learn more about us call 877-288-1760 or visit us at






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