Experience Essential Oils Offers Online Aromatherapy Class at Special Holiday Prices

Get the New Year started right with special prices on “Using Essential Oils for People and Animals” produced by Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils. The online video training class will teach you how to use therapeutic grade essential oils for yourself, and your pets from the comfort of home! It contains two levels at this time: Level 1 and Level 2. This is the perfect opportunity to get started using essential oils or to enhance your knowledge of essential oils, and their many uses. The online course also makes a great gift and will soon be available on DVD.

Both courses are filled with invaluable information on how and why essential oils can enhance and improve the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of people and animals! Level 1 builds from Level 2 so it is recommended that Level 1 is taken first.

The Level 1 course focuses on learning the benefits, facts and various applications of using therapeutic grade essential oils to improve physical wellbeing and health. This is the nuts and bolts foundational education you will need to use and understand oils and aromatherapy. It also demonstrates some of the work Nan will be expanding on in the Level 2 Course, particularly in the animal application lessons.

The Level 2 course will center on discovering the secrets behind using the oils to create emotional wellbeing by selecting oils to release emotions, memories and trauma that is stored in the body on a cellular level. Much of this history is what keeps all of us stuck or prevents us from achieving what we want in our life.

You will learn various methods of selecting oils and the pros and cons of each method. The course starts with the simplest approach and builds from there.

Nan is an internationally known intuitive, animal empath and energy healer and has extensive expertise in the use of therapeutic essential oils for enhancing emotional and physical wellbeing in humans and animals as an intuitive and equestrian professional. She is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC), Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) and Aromatherapy Coach.

“I am so excited to be able to offer this intensive essential oil training course for people and their animals in an online version,” said Nan Martin, Experience Essential Oils, Founder. “I get so many e-mails asking me about training in their immediate area, but now you can take it from anywhere!”

For more information on these comprehensive on line courses and to register, please visit the website at Nan can be contacted by phone at 561-315-6334 or by email via the form on the website.






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