Feeding a Whole Food Diet to Horses Free Webinar

Having a horse and being able to maintain it takes education and sometimes years of practice. But when it comes to maintaining performance horses at their highest level, managing your retired horses, or developing young horses in training, having a professional around to help give you a great foundation can make all the difference. Tigger Montague, founder and formulator at BioStar is looking forward helping riders to see the benefit a whole food diet, and how to go about implementing one in a barn setting.

Tigger plans to break down the ingredients of feeds and supplements into terms everyone can understand. Building on the fundamentals of equine nutrition including fiber, protein, fats and carbohydrates, she’ll work to enhance the knowledge and comfort level one has to take control of their horse’s nutrition. “Feeding horses doesn’t have to be difficult,” said Tigger. “My goal is to help break down the barriers of confusing labels and feeding programs so that individuals can provide better health to themselves and their horses, and improved performance in the show ring.”

Happening on Wednesday, October 29, at 7 p.m. EST, Tigger Montague in conjunction with BioStar will be hosting a free webinar related to feeding equines a whole food diet. Tigger will give an overview of basic nutritional components, talk about whole food vs. synthetic, and answer any questions attendees may have.

Please note that this event is free and will not be recorded, so we do encourage everyone to attend for the live event! Signup is not mandatory, and all details for the event can be found on BioStar’s website ( Questions will be taken during each of the events, but those submitted prior to the event would be most welcome. Please submit questions as well as any other inquiries such to

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To join the event on October 29 at 7:00 p.m. (EST), use this link:

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Tigger Montague’s background is extensive in nutrition, including 30 years in the human and equine supplement industry with a focus on Ayurvedic Medicine. A dog owner all her life, she has spent the seven years researching and testing products for the BioStar line.

BioStar US holds the belief that non-synthetically derived ingredients (whole food) has positive effects on health and wellness. They support the whole food and organic food movement, and strive to bring the highest quality products to horses and dogs alike. BioStar US uses a unique system that dehydrates their formulas and bars which takes place at low temperatures to maintain nutrient and enzyme levels similar that of raw food. Providing organic, GMO-free, coal tar derivative-free, petro-chemical free, wheat free supplements that contain no artificial sweeteners or other synthetic ingredients is why BioStar is the leader of whole food supplementation in the equine industry. For more information on BioStar US, visit their website (, or you can also connect with them on Facebook (






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