FOSH Adds Second Level Dressage Tests to the IJA Manual for Gaited Dressage

Friends of Sound Horses announces the addition of Second Level Dressage Tests for Gaited Horses to the IJA Manual for Gaited Dressage. The Second Level Tests join the 2 Gait Tests, Intro Tests, Training Level Tests and First Level Tests. The addition of the Second Level Tests increases the number of tests specifically developed for gaited horses to 23, or 46 when Western tests are included.

The IJA Manual for Gaited Dressage is comprehensive, covers all aspects of dressage and considers the unique characteristics of all gaited horse breeds. The Manual was originally published and copyrighted in 2008 and included 19 tests. In 2012, the number of tests was expanded to 38 with the addition of Western Dressage tests. The addition of Second Level Tests increases the number of Gaited Horse tests to 46.

FOSH Dressage for Gaited Horses is included under the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse initiative. FOSH offers a reward program that is open to all breeds of gaited horses that are at least 48 months of age. Scores from gaited horse dressage tests judged by licensed judges are tracked for participants and recognized annually. Recognized gaited horse tests include those published by FOSH, International Judges’ Association, Western Dressage Association of America, National Walking Horse Association, North America Western Dressage Association and Cowboy Dressage.

FOSH is a national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses and actively fights against abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses. To become a member of FOSH and help in its efforts to fight soring or for more information about FOSH, please visit

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