Free Webinar: Horse Business Profit Booster – 7 Keys to Increase Profitability

Working with horses is incredibly rewarding. In fact, the intangible benefits are so great many horse professionals often overlook the financial end of their business. However, without a profit, a business can’t survive. If you want your horse business to be financially secure and to reach your equestrian career goals, don’t miss the next Equestrian Professional’s “Horse Business Profit Booster – 7 Keys to Increase Profitability.”.

During this fast-paced webinar, we will discuss seven elements that dramatically affect horse business profitability and the equestrian career path.

The information shared in this webinar will be useful to both experienced horse professionals who want to improve an already profitable business, those who are new to the horse business or those who might be struggling to make their current horse business profitable.

A few of the of the areas we will be exploring include:

· How different horse business models affect profitability
· Why unplanned growth can cause losses and how to create a planned growth strategy
· When to automate portions of your workflow so to get more done with less effort
· What horse professionals can do to diversify their incomes

This webinar is FREE for all horse professionals and can be attended via your phone or computer. However, you must register to attend. Equestrian Professional’s Horse Business Webinars fill up quickly. SIGN UP TODAY!

Event: Horse Business Profit Booster
Speakers: Pam Saul and Elisabeth McMillan
Date: Monday Nov. 11, 2013
Time: 5:30 pm Pacific 7:30 Central 8:30 Eastern
Format: Simulcast – attend via your phone or computer provides horse business education, resources and support to horse professionals around the globe. The site offers a wide array of programs, tools and information to help horse trainers, riding instructors, breeders, stable operators and professional riders run profitable businesses and build successful equestrian careers.

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