Freedom Bits Available at Road to the Horse

Gary Lane and National Bridle Shop welcome all trail riders to visit Road to the Horse Booths 2 and 3 at the Kentucky Horse Park March 13-16, 2014. National Bridle staff will be available to teach and answer bitting questions about the Freedom bit for all your riding needs. As the old saying goes “the only bit that works on a horse is a bit of knowledge.”

The Freedom Bit allows your horse to find freedom not only in the shoulders, but also in the poll, neck and topline by allowing the hindquarters to come through with relaxation and freedom of motion.

The rider begins educating the horse’s mind the first time the Freedom Bit is in its mouth. The Freedom Bit allows and assists in coordinating actions of the TMJ and hyoid bones located in the mouth to release the horse into rhythmic and relaxed movement. When riding with the Freedom Bit on a loose rein, you are now using a smart bit to educate the horse’s mind and mouth.

Your Freedom Bit allows your horse to feel the bit signal before the leather curb strap engages and when the curb strap does engage, you still have a mild effect. This allows riders to develop better seat, legs and hands for better rider balance.

Your goal is to have the horse working on the bit and accepting the bit—not the bit working against the horse’s mind because of impolite hands forced upon the horse’s mouth. When working with your horse, your end result is always a calm mind.

Bitting is a total relationship that must be unlocked with each individual horse and rider combination. Riders train horses—bits don’t train horses. It takes an equal amount of balance, both mentally and physical, to develop a calm, willing mind, and the Freedom bit enhances your horse’s ability to accept the bit along with the rider seat, legs and hands. To find the freedom and calmness in your horse, the Freedom Bit is a step in the right direction for enhancing your horse’s ability to find his energy-efficient, ground-covering balance.

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