FullBucket Giving Doubles in Second Year

A new kind of business model that gives a product away for every product sold has proved wildly popular in its second year for a Texas-based animal healthcare company.

FullBucket–a line of gastrointestinal health products that protects horses from diarrhea while enhancing their overall GI health–is expanding its product line and philanthropic efforts after dramatic growth in 2013.

The business was developed in 2011 by a board-certified equine orthopedic surgeon and equine internal medicine specialist after both became frustrated with diarrhea problems in horses post-surgery or following a course of antibiotics.

Then last year while volunteering their veterinary services to working equids in third world countries, FullBucket co-founders Dr. Rob Franklin and Dr. Keith Latson (old friends who had each traveled extensively outside the United States) also realized that run-down horses, donkeys and mules used roughly in these underdeveloped countries were badly in need of nutritional support.

“They’d be standing belly-deep in tropical grass and yet be starving for lack of nutrients,” said Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM.

Combining those interests, FullBucket hand-delivers a custom-formulated nutritional supplement to a malnourished horse in an impoverished community for each GI product sold in the United States. The deliveries are made during Full Bucket’s annual trips to provide care in those countries via the AAEP’s Equitarian Initiative.

“We’re giving so much product that it’s forced us to rethink our distribution logistics,” said Franklin. “It’s a great problem to have. We’re working with the AMVEE Foundation–which is Mexico’s version of the AAEP Foundation–to establish a process for distribution of the nutritional supplements and implementation of other programs meant to enhance people’s lives.”

Meanwhile, the GI health products are used by veterinarians at the top equine hospitals in the United States. Their feedback has since spurred FullBucket to expand its product line to cover the first day through the entire life of the horse.

Also, in 2014, FullBucket will offer its products with immunoglobulins, immune boosters and a complete daily vitamin/mineral formulation. Other new products will include an anti-diarrhea drench–the “big gun” if a horse appears to be losing a battle with diarrhea–and an entire first-week foal kit for large breeding farms susceptible to disease outbreaks.

“It’s a no-lose proposition to try it on your performance horses,” said Rob Hendrickson, partner and marketing manager for FullBucket. “You’ll be using best-in-class nutritional products and helping support a great endeavor at the same time.

Full Bucket’s veterinary-strength GI products are available through veterinarians across the country. To order products or learn more about the company’s rigorous product-certification process and charitable missions, visit or call 855-792-7872.

“For Every FullBucket You Buy, We Give One To An Animal in Need!” While volunteering their veterinary services to the Equitarian Initiative program in impoverished areas of rural Mexico in 2010, Rob and Keith witnessed the hardships faced by working equids–donkeys, mules and horses used for hard labor to support families and communities throughout the world. Their solution to the nutritional problems they saw in abundance was simple: use their for-profit, nutritional business in the U.S., FullBucket, to provide support without being reliant on donations.

FullBucket is a line of animal GI healthcare products that are used by most of the top equine veterinary clinics and Universities in the U.S. as a protocol to help fight GI problems such as diarrhea, disease and chronic upset. All of ASI’s brands adhere to the mantra of “Be Good & Do Good.” by providing products and veterinary care to animals in need with the proceeds of their for-profit business. To learn more FullBucket Digestive Care products and their Giving Initiative. Visit or contact Robo at or call 817-846-7819.






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