Future of Comfortable Equestrian Footwear Arrives, Horseland Launches Latest Dublin Boots

Dublin Clothing has just brought out its latest line of horse riding boots and footwear and Horseland, Australia’s leading equestrian retailer, has the new range is in stores now. The range features state-of-the-art RCS Technology to maximize horse riding comfort.

With 53 branches and an online store, Horseland has the country’s largest network of stores selling horse riding equipment and supplies. “We opened our very first store in 1978 and since then we’ve been working hard to become the heart of the equestrian community,” said Kym West, Online Marketing Coordinator. “We not only sell horse-related products, we also help our customers through providing tips and advice to help them fulfill their goal of becoming a great horse rider.”

“This month we’ve just launched the most comfortable boots for horse lovers. Dublin Boots are also renowned worldwide for their durability and reliability. The newest collection of equestrian footwear gives our customers the comfort required to ride like a champion,” added West.

The boots West refers to feature Dublin’s RCS Technology (Rider Comfort System). Each boot has slip resistant thread for extra grip in all conditions. The outsole allows the footwear to move freely with the foot and is made of rubber for extra durability. West explains riders will be impressed with the “sweat control lining which flicks away moisture, keeping perspiration at bay so the feet stay dry. And there’s also a steel shank to secure the boot and reduce lateral movement to improve foot stability.”

For added comfort, West said the Dublin Boots have included a padded heel cushion for improved impact absorption. “An enhanced cushion layer is also installed across the entire boot. The insole creates a memory to custom shape the heel and arch to provide perfect support. Lastly, these boots have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal material to reduce odor. They have everything a horse rider could dream of in a boot!”

In addition to the newly launched footwear, Horseland also carries a wide range of Dublin products including riding jackets, helmets, polo shirts, breeches, gloves and body protectors.

Customers can review the latest Dublin RCS enhanced footwear, and locate the nearest store, at Horseland’s website

Horseland, founded in 1978, is Australia’s largest equestrian retailer with 54 stores. A successful family-owned and operated business offers quality horse gear for sale. Products for riders, horses, stable and vet, dogs, as well as gifts are available at their website. Their vision is to be the “Heart of the Equestrian Community” and their mission says it all: “Whether it’s finding out what’s on, knowing who to talk to, showing you how or just being understood, Horseland provides horse lovers with hints, tips, advice and experiences to realise the full potential of you and your horse.”






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