Gerd Heuschmann Designs Saddle with Jochen Schleese

Renowned veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and well-known Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese have been friends and business associates for over a few decades now.

Renowned veterinarian Dr. Gerd Heuschmann and well-known Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese have been friends and business associates for over a few decades now. They first met at a symposium just outside of Toronto at what is now the Royal Canadian Riding Academy, but was formerly the International Equestrian Sports Services – where Jochen began his North American career as Official Saddler of the 1986 World Dressage Championships. Dr. Heuschmann was instrumental in getting Jochen into the German National Riding School in Warendorf under Jochen’s newly formed Saddlefit 4 Life – which has since become one of the defining educational philosophies in the saddle fitting industry, and has the approval of many North American equestrian associations as well (including the USDF and CHA).

Gerd and Jochen are both authors in the Kosmos Verlag (Germany) and Trafalgar Books (USA) ‘stable’, and will be meeting up later this month at Equitana 2017 where Jochen will be promoting the 2 edition of his best-selling book (The Silent Killer in German = Suffering in Silence in English). In addition, Gerd and Jochen are often seen working together at various symposia around the country, where Jochen is Gerd’s lunchtime speaker and augments Gerd’s biomechanics and riding clinics with saddle fitting education.

One of their more exciting complementary projects has been the development of a new introductory level saddle for young horses; the prototype of which was delivered to Gerd in the fall of 2016. Gerd was absolutely blown away by the difference this saddle made for his young mare, which he was having issues with. Gerd mentions that he has probably tried every saddle on the market, has ridden probably 9000 horses in the course of his professional career, and is constantly offered saddles to endorse. He says, “Many saddles will allow the horse’s back to move freely, but never until this Schleese saddle have I had a horse show complete freedom not only in the back, but also at the shoulder, while providing enough strength in the back to have the base of the neck come up, allowing the horse to achieve ultimate collection. This is a saddle that will make a difference!”

Come and meet Jochen and Gerd at Equitana and see this new saddle for yourself: Hall 1 booth A56 at the Schleese GmbH Booth from March 24-26. This saddle will be introduced to the North American riding public at Equitana later this year in Temecula CA.

About Jochen Schleese and Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

Jochen Schleese graduated from Passier as a Certified Master Saddler and came to Canada in 1986 to establish and register the trade of saddlery in North America. Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd is the world leading manufacturer of saddles designed for women, specializing in the unique anatomical requirements of female riders. Schleese authorized representatives provide diagnostic saddle fit analysis and saddle fitting services across North America to maintain optimal saddle fit to horse and rider.

Now with over 80 different models, including the new western saddle “Devin” and the soon-to-be released Tribute, Schleese also offers ‘Glam it up’ options on all its models for those riders looking for a little more ‘bling’ in their rides! For more information about Schleese Saddlery Ltd. please go to

Jochen Schleese is also the author of the best-selling “Suffering in Silence: The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses”. On – Watch for the 3rd edition soon to be released in paperback with additional chapters and brand new pictures!






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