GGT- Footing Is Expanding And Adding New Products

Sept. 30, 2013 -- Due to the increasingly high visibility of the branded name GGT-Footing, the demand for our product (which is customer driven) has necessitated our increased outreach to many construction, landscaping and barn building companies.

Sept. 30, 2013 — Due to the increasingly high visibility of the branded name GGT-Footing, the demand for our product (which is customer driven) has necessitated our increased outreach to many construction, landscaping and barn building companies.

This is a natural segway for this group of providers as they already have a relationship with the Equestrian home and barn owner. Now many are able to offer installation of our separation layers and our various blends of footing textiles.

Polysols, a textile company based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has two divisions. GGT–Footing and GTT–Nonwoven. Polysols is a green company. We recover 2,500 tons of PET fabric and fiber per year and we employ 13 people.

Polysols Recycled Products:

  • GGT-Footing–equestrian footing
  • GGTK.I.S.–separation layer for equestrian arenas
  • GGTW.K.–weed control fabric
  • GGTC.C.P.–floor protection
  • GGTL.R.–flooring underlayment

 GGT–Footing offers a selection of textile additives that arena builders mix with a high-quality sand to produce equestrian riding surfaces. Customized GGT–Footing blends are created with various ratios and types of strand fibers and geo textile, commonly referred to as felt. There are Pleasure, Dressage, Jumper and Western arena blends available.

New to the market this year is an elastic blend designed to work with many more sand options.

Now our Butterfly Matting system has been chosen by several horse parks around the country.

The Butterfly matting system has been used for arena base drainage, water conservation and concussion reduction. The matting system supports the positive characteristics of a GGT-Footing arena: Drainage, right moisture content, cushion, etc.

Several world-class facilities use GGT-Footing products in their arenas. Many have said that the quality of our footing continues to bring high-quality exhibitors to their shows. Worldwide there are several Olympians that ride on the GGT-Footing blends.

GGT-Footing offers a wide range of textiles that are used in construction of equine sites and landscaping. GGT-Footing also offers a wide selection of 4- to 8-foot arena maintenance groomers. Many options can be customized.

GGT also offers a dust control product called Dust absorber. Not all textiles are created the same; some have fiber glass, carpet and shredded tires in them.

GGT-Footing Company prides itself on its level of quality control and safety to horse and humans.

GGT Footing offers separation layers and other textiles for Equestrian Site development

Polysols has expanded their textile offerings to include: GGT K.I.S “Keep-It-Separate” K.I.S is a nonwoven separation layer is perfect for use in equestrian arenas. All arenas need a good base before applying your GGT Butterfly Matting System and GGT Footing products. K.I.S will help with water drainage and keep your footing from mixing with your other base materials. This will ensure your arena will be ride ready at all times. With the combination of all the GGT products you are sure to have perfect riding conditions year around! As with all our products K.I.S is made using recycled materials.

Along with our K.I.S separation layer we have developed GGT K.C.” Killer-Cover,” which is a landscaping fabric made from a nonwoven material. Unlike the plastic landscaping material that falls apart after only a few years. K.C being a nonwoven product is so strong that you are sure to have 20-plus years of weed-free flower beds and gardens. K.C. is also used in many walkways and retaining wall projects.

The nonwoven division has also developed GGT C.C.P. “Clean-Cover-Protect” used to protect your floors during construction projects. C.C.P. is a water-resistant floor protection effective against spills, dirt and debris. C.C.P. is a nonwoven material with a layer of plastic. That being said, it is resilient and can be used more than once or for long periods of time.

Lastly is our GGT L.R. “Lay-Right.” This product is a thick layer of nonwoven fabric and plastic. Used for hardwood flooring underlayment. The nonwoven and plastic material reduces everyday surface noise and provides resistance to moisture, mold and mildew. It’s easy to install with a plastic overlap and adhesive strip to join multiple rows of material.

Polysols success has exceeded goals with GGT-Footing products for equestrian arenas. Polysols Inc. uses remnant–materials to make new products. This is Polysols making its effort to give back to the environment, making us a proud green manufacturer. Our first product was our GGT Footing that has exploded on the market. We are pleased to announce our newest lines of products. For more information about, please visit Please like us on Facebook.






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