GGT-Footing Offers a July Celebration

GGT- Footing, the equine division of Polysols Corporation, is offering a special sponsorship to any farm that buys the Butterfly Matting System in July--Free GGT Footing Textiles!

July 21, 2013 — GGT- Footing, the equine division of Polysols Corporation, is offering a special sponsorship to any farm that buys the Butterfly Matting System in July–Free GGT Footing Textiles!

The Butterfly matting system has been used for arena base drainage, water conservation and concussion reduction. The matting system supports the positive characteristics of a GGT-Footing arena–drainage, right moisture content, cushion, etc.

For this July Celebration, GGT Footing is accepting applications from around the country of facilities that are willing to be demonstration sites for GGT Butterfly Matting system.

If you are interested in being considered, please send an email to with the following information: Name. Phone number. Address of Facility, Size of arena or Round Pen. Discipline that will be ridden.

The use of arena mats can also significantly reduce the cost of traditional layering methods with gravel, extra sand and the labor involved in the construction.

Now with the GGT Butterfly Mats all authorized GGT-Footing installers will have additional options to offer their prospective clients.

By utilizing the GGT Butterfly Mat system, you can protect your horse’s joints and tendons from long-term concussion and instability due to slippage from traditional footing surfaces.

The typical force of a striking hoof is absorbed by the mat this plays an important role in maintaining soundness.

The drainage holes in the mat allow for excess water to drain quickly, thus allowing arenas to be used quicker after a rain.

The GGT BUTTERFLY design also has water retention system that minimizes respiratory damage due to dusty footings by capturing small amounts of water thru a cup design. The moisture is then released into the arena sand, which not only helps with dust control, but reduces the need for watering in some instances.

GGT BUTTERFLY Mats are manufactured from recycled material. In this way, our company actively contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.

GGT-Footing is the equine division of Polysols corporation, a textile company.

GGT-Footing offers a selection of textile additives that arena builders mix with a high-quality sand to produce equestrian riding surfaces. Customized GGT-Footing blends are created with various ratios and types of strand fibers and geo textile, commonly referred to as felt.

There are Pleasure, Dressage, Jumper and Western arena blends available.

New to the market this year is an elastic blend designed to work with many more sand options.

Several world-class facilities use GGT-Footing products in their arenas. Many have said that the quality of our footing continues to bring high-quality exhibitors to their shows. Worldwide there are several Olympians that ride on the GGT-Footing blends.

GGT-Footing offers a wide range of Textiles that are used in construction of equine sites and landscaping.

GGT- Footing also offers a wide selection of 4- 8-foot arena maintenance groomers.

Many options can be customized.

GGT also offers a dust control product called Dust Absorber.

Not all textiles are created the same; some have fiber glass, carpet and shredded tires in them.

GGT- Footing Company prides itself on its level of quality control and safety to horse and humans.

For more information on GGT Footing contact Cynthia Brewster-Keating at or call 864-804-0011. Visit the Website at Follow us on Facebook.






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