Handi-Capp Equine Rehabilitation and Relocation

Nouvelle Research, Inc., the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of Curcumin-based anti-inflammatory formulas for horses, is proud to announce the development of our sister organization Handi-Capp Equine Rehabilitation & Relocation.

For many years, Nouvelle Research, Inc. has been helping rescue groups with individual cases, providing product and support to aid in recovery, in addition to rehabilitating horses within our own setting. What became obvious over the years is that there are many horses, specifically off the track Thoroughbreds, that often have career-ending injuries, including slab fractures and severe tendon damage, that despite being in rescue organizations, they cannot be placed due to ongoing lameness. This is where Handi-Capp hopes to step in.

Over the past several months, Handi-Capp has been working with a few select rescues, taking horses with severe injuries into our in-house program for rehabilitation in the hopes that these injuries can be turned around, providing a higher quality of life for the horse and improving chances of placement. The approach is simple; address inflammation within the body, provide the proper nutrients for recovery and enhance the immune response. The Handi-Capp program’s goal is to use as little medication as possible in the rehabilitation of these horses, but instead, rely on the body’s natural ability to recover if given the chance.

The head of the rehabilitation program, Dr. Tom Schell, commented, “The rehabilitation candidates are relocated from their existing rescue group to our facility. They are fully evaluated at no charge with radiographs, ultrasound and blood work if indicated, then put on a specific regimen using our Cur-OST formulas in addition to a high plane of nutrition. In many cases thus far, we have helped to recover several horses that were deemed unridable with some destined for euthanasia. It is not uncommon for us to have a sound horse that is under saddle two weeks after admittance into the program, performing some low-level work. No matter the injury, I believe we can help these horses. By enhancing their recovery and their injury status, potentially returning them to a sound status, then that improves their chances of finding a new home and a new career. If we can improve them post injury, then we need to take what we are learning to those horses that are actively competing or racing in order to try to prevent injury from happening initially.”

The Handi-Capp program is developing quickly with requests coming in from around the nation. Our space and funding is limited at this time, but the progress we are making is incredible in some cases. Our hope is that we can not only help these horses, but possibly reduce the dramatic influx of new horses into the rescue programs. If we can keep them healthy initially, then it might be possible to keep them performing longer and injury free.

“At Nouvelle Research, Inc., we just want to help, applying the knowledge we have gained and the research we have conducted to further help these horses. Due to our limited size of the Handi-Capp program, we can’t help every horse, but we are here to help owners and other rescue groups if needed,” added Schell.

If you would like more information regarding our Handi-Capp program, please visit or email Dr. Tom Schell at

For more information regarding Nouvelle Research, Inc. and the Cur-OST line of Curcumin-based anti-inflammatory formulas, please visit or call 1-800-476-4702.






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