The Homes for Horses Coalition 2014 Summit

The Homes for Horses Coalition is proud to announce its 2014 Summit on July 31 and Aug. 1 in Denver, Colorado. The ​​Summit ​is ​the ​only ​national ​conference ​specifically designed for ​horse ​rescues ​and ​sanctuaries, and those in the equine welfare and protection community. ​ ​

Sharing ​support, ​collaborating ​and ​learning ​are ​the ​goals ​of ���the ​Summit. ​

Cindy Gendron, Coordinator of the Coalition, said, ​“We ​have ​listened ​to ​the ​concerns ​and ​challenges ​of ​our ​members, ​and ​with ​those ​in ​mind, ​have ​created ​a ​conference ​with ​an ​interactive ​format ​that ​will ​include ​important ​topics ​such ​as ​strategic ​planning, ​finding, writing and following-up on grants, ​lobbying ​for ​501(c)(3) ​organizations, ​the ​future ​of ​equine ​welfare ​and ​what ​we ​have ​learned ​from ​advancements ​in ​dog ​and ​cat ​rescue.” ​

There ​will ​be ​plenty ​of ​time ​for ​networking ​and ​learning ​from ​peers, which is always a highlight of this type of gathering of like-minded people.

Speakers for the Summit include those with vast and varied knowledge of the equine welfare industry such as: Keith Dane, Vice President Equine Protection, The Humane Society of the United States; Jacque Schultz, Senior Director, ASPCA Equine Fund; Chris Heyde, Deputy Director Government & Legal Affairs, Animal Welfare Institute; Floss Blackburn, President, Denkai Animal Sanctuary; and Duane Adams, Vice President of Operations, Dumb Friends League.

“Because of the generosity of our sponsoring organizations, we are able to offer this conference at the minimal registration cost of only $25 for members and $75 for non-members. That’s an amazing price for this caliber of training and I hope that many take advantage of it,” said Gendron. Our members are spread out all over the country, and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to come together face-to-face and share knowledge and community, and recharge their batteries for the good fight to save our nation’s equines.”

You can find a registration form and more information about the conference at

Membership in the Homes for Horses Coalition grew by 30% in 2013 and now includes 275 members. In addition to those operating equine rescue and retirement facilities, members include organizations involved in government policy affecting horses and other equines, and professionals in the field such as veterinarians and attorneys. The cumulative expertise of the group puts the Homes for Horses Coalition in a unique position to advocate for equines from a highly informed perspective that, most importantly, always puts the welfare of equines first.

The Homes for Horses Coalition is supported by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the Animal Welfare Institute and The Humane Society of the United States’ Jeannie Dodson Equine Protection Fund. It is dedicated to ending horse slaughter and other forms of equine abuse, while promoting growth, collaboration and professionalism in the equine rescue and protection community. Find us online at and on Facebook at!/HomesforHorses






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