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July 27, 2013 — Stolen Horse International, aka, which was featured in July’s issue of EQUUS magazine, has helped solve another missing horse mystery.

A horse that has been missing for almost three years was found in less than two hours. Indigo, a 12-year-old gray Thoroughbred gelding, went missing after a lessee in Asheville, North Carolina, failed to return the horse to its owner.

The North Carolina Horse Council NetPosse Alerts sponsored by Stolen Horse International were sent to thousands through the NetPosse Alert system using emails and social media connections.

The call that the family had been waiting on for years came shortly after the alerts were sent. The owner stated to NetPosse staff in an email today:

“Wonderful news! The person who has Indigo in South Carolina contacted my daughter today! She saw the post on and contacted her to let us know where he is and that we can go pick him up! This has taught us so much about how careful we have to be in the future. If we ever loan or lease a horse again we would do things very differently. In fact, all our horses will get the NetPosse safety documentation.

“Today has restored my faith in humanity and the horse industry in particular. We had a very bad run in with a woman who leased a horse and refused to send him back, but with the help of NCHC NetPosse Alerts, we have been able to locate him and make steps to get him back. After the post was made, I had four phone calls from people that wanted to help locate him and probably over 20 emails. Just a reminder that as many crazies as there are out there, especially in the horse world, there are just as many genuine good people!”

“We are so grateful to NetPosse, Angela Kirby at NetPosse, and of course Dottie Burch for letting us know about NetPosse. Thank you all.”

Stolen Horse International founder Debi Metcalfe expresses her ongoing gratitude to all the people who help us make these miracles happen. “You really never can underestimate the power of one!” said Metcalfe.

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