Horsemen’s Laboratory Will Contribute to Nielsen Research for New Client Sign Up and Purchase

Horsemen’s Laboratory is proposing a challenge to support Dr. Martin Nielsen’s important research project Let the Germs Get the Worms. This innovative and creative research project involves a possible new method of equine parasite control. Follow the link to sign up for more information on the project and make secure online donations.

Horsemen’s Laboratory will give $2 for each new client who signs up and purchases samples during the months of February and March. Spreading the word to horse owners about the project and the challenge will help provide funding for this important research.

Horsemen’s Laboratory owner Dr. John Byrd has extensive experience with racing and breeding horses and oversees Westbrook Boarding Stable. He created Horsemen’s Laboratory in 1992 so that horse owners could better evaluate their horses’ worm control programs and make informed decisions about deworming their horses. Dr. Byrd was one of the earliest proponents of performing fecal egg counts prior to deworming. His recommendation has always been to deworm only when the fecal egg count indicated that deworming was necessary–long before anyone else in the horse industry was recommending the new deworming protocol of selective deworming. His early vision was to create a convenient method that would allow horse owners to have their horses checked for internal parasites rather than just routinely deworming them every 6-8 weeks or feeding daily deworming medication. Horsemen’s Laboratory has made it easy for horse owners to follow the new, recommended selective deworming protocol by providing easy-to-order kits, email test results, and periodic reminders for testing.

If you have questions specific to your barn, pastures, or testing program contact Dr. John Byrd by e-mail at, telephone 1-800-544-0599, contact form at, or post your question on Facebook.






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