Horses 4 Heroes Dedicates New Facility Built by National Construction Charity Group

Las Vegas-based Horses4Heroes opened a new facility at the historic Tule Springs Ranch last week after volunteer contractors completed roughly $80,000 worth of work on the weeks-long project and donated an additional $20,000 for the group. Construction charity organization AGC Charities, Inc., with the leadership of Martin-Harris Construction, built a new riding center, mare motel and barnyard as part of its series of renovation projects known as Operation Opening Doors.

“The least we can do for our veterans and first responders is give them the kind of riding facility that will help them enjoy a few well-earned moments of rest and relaxation,” said Doug Barnhart, chairman of San Diego-based Barnhart-Reese Construction, Inc. and a board member of AGC Charities, Inc. “What is truly amazing is how many contractors from around the area and around the country chipped in with services, materials and money.”

The new facility will allow Horses 4 Heroes to offer riding and animal care programs for significantly more veterans, first responders and their families. Since it was founded in 2006, the local charity has been operating out of the back yard of its founder, Sydney Knott. Volunteer contractors built a new mare motel, riding arena and petting zoo for Horses4Heroes at the historic Tule Springs Ranch at Floyd Lamb Park. All told, the group completed over $80,000 worth of work to build the new the facility, free of charge.

AGC Charities teamed up with Las Vegas-based Martin-Harris Construction, which volunteered to serve as lead contractor and oversaw the management of the entire project and solicited donated materials and services. “One of the reasons this project was so appealing is that it serves veterans and first responders from the local community,” said Guy Martin, Vice President of Martin-Harris Construction and president of the Associated General Contractors of Las Vegas. “As contractors that have benefitted from the local community, we have an obligation to give back and help improve the lives of those who work so hard to protect ours.”

In addition to Martin-Harris, Barnhart noted that other local contractors supporting the project include Dwyer Engineering, J&S Survey, Las Vegas Paving, New-Com Construction, Werdco BC Inc., Penta Building Company, McCarthy, Thor Construction, Helix Electric, Affordable Concepts, Ahern Rentals, Nevada Equipment Solutions, Sunstate Equipment, J.A. Tiberti Company, Cal Pac, Red Star and Aggregate Industries. In addition to arranging to have the new riding center built, AGC Charities Inc. also provided a $20,000 donation to Horses 4 Heroes.

“We are extremely humbled by the generosity of AGC Charities and its members,” said Sydney Knott, the founder and CEO of Horses 4 Heroes. “If it hadn’t been for Guy Martin and his team of volunteer contractors, we would not have been able to get this new facility built.”

Click here for more information about AGC Charities and its Operation Opening Doors projects. Click here to view photos of the renovation.

Horses4Heroes is the nation’s premier non-profit equestrian support group for the military, veterans, First Responders and their families. Through its growing national network, the organization provides affordable (sometimes free) recreational, instructional and health & wellness equestrian programs for all ages, all riding levels and in all disciplines. For more information visit






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