Horses and Humans Research Foundation Welcomes C. Mike Tomlinson to Their Board

Horses and Human Research Foundation (HHRF) welcomes C. Mike Tomlinson to the Board of Directors. Dr. Tomlinson, an avid horseperson, holds degrees as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Masters of Business Administration. He is CEO, COO and/or Board Member of several multinational corporations. He has been extremely involved in para equestrian sports since 2000, including helping found the US Para Equestrian Association in 2010. Dr. Tomlinson is very active with the American Association of Equine Practitioners and in sport governance. He has served on the United States Equestrian Federation board for 12 years and has been Team Vet for both U.S. Equestrian teams and Fédération Equestre Internationale teams.

Dr Tomlinson said he is especially excited to serve on the HHRF board because “While we already know in our hearts the benefits of the partnership with horses, HHRF provides the research to scientifically prove these benefits.”

Through investment in rigorous research, Horses and Humans Research Foundation serves as a catalyst to advance knowledge of horses and their potential to impact the health and wellness of people. The foundation’s goal is to promote research that will 1) Benefit special program participants by improving equine assisted activity best practices; 2) Educate the public, including professional affiliates, regarding the value and benefits of horses and equine assisted activities.

HHRF research grant awards are made possible by generous contributions of foundations, individuals and businesses. To view research findings, awarded projects and learn more about this 501(c)3 organization, including how to contribute, visit

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