HRTV Premiers New Horse Talk TV

June 14, 2013 — HRTV, The Network for Horse Sports will continue to expand its scope of providing the best in equestrian programming to its viewers when it premieres the well-received Horse Talk TV, Series 3, on Monday, June 17, at 10:30 p.m. ET.

The addition of Horse Talk TV will be an integral part of HRTV’s newly introduced “Planet Horse” programming block, which will air weekly on Monday nights in the upcoming months. That block kicked off with fresh episodes of Show Jumping Ireland on June 10. HRTV’s “Planet Horse” block is designed to feature outstanding, and diverse, horse-related content from around the world.

Horse Talk TV’s injection into the network’s programming grid will air following Show Jumping Ireland (9:30 p.m. ET) on June 17. (Show Jumping Ireland is the National Grand Prix League and Premiere Series, featuring show jumpers vying in 10 competitions, including the National Finals.)

Horse Talk TV is Australia’s most popular Horse lifestyle TV show, and it was created by famed horse trainer Katie Hickson. Hickson’s passion for horses, training and horse welfare were the impetus for her vision to create a show about horses that would be entertaining, educational and offer the most up-to-date information on the horse industry. Each episode is a compelling mix of interviews, horse stories, product reviews and info segments such as “Tip of the Week.”

While Show Jumping Ireland and Horse Talk TV get the new weekly programming offerings off to a great start, additional outstanding shows are in the offing in the weeks/months ahead. 

Upcoming shows on the HRTV schedule include: 

  • Horse Ball, an intriguing and unique simulation of basketball on horses, highlights the Horse Ball World Cup 2012 held in Montpellier, France.
  • Carl and Charlotte: Golden Year, which catches up with the aforementioned Hester and Charlotte Dujardin at the end of their remarkable 2012 season.
  • Around the World on Horseback, a series produced in Canada that highlights equestrian adventures internationally.
  • Polo Crown, headlining top polo matches from the UK and Europe.
  • Polocrosse Player, with UK’s “Model Farrier” Dean Dibsdall taking lessons in a horse sport that combines polo and lacrosse.

HRTV, The Network for Horse Sports, is a television-based multimedia network dedicated to equine sports. HRTV’s programming features horse racing from top U.S. and international racetracks as well as a wide range of world-class English and Western horse competitions, news, original programming and award-winning documentaries covering the world of horse sports. The live stream of HRTV is available on a subscription basis to high-speed Internet users worldwide at In the U.S., the HRTV television network is available via telco, cable and satellite in over 19 million homes.



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