Idaho Senate Votes to Ease Sale of Abandoned Horses

BOISE, ID (KIVI TV) — MARCH 27, 2012 — Horse stables tired of being stiffed by boarders will likely have an easier time selling animals to recoup their costs. The Senate voted 33-0 Tuesday to ease requirements for auctions.

Currently, horses must be sold at a licensed public livestock auction. But Sen. Melinda Smyser says these licensed auctions in Idaho typically don’t deal in equines. With this bill, future sales of horses to satisfy liens could occur at a public auction. The measure, which has already cleared the House, now heads to Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter’s desk.

Following the recession, some horse owners simply abandoned animals at the stable, rather than continue to pay for the cost of feed and boarding. Smyser says this bill will help make it easier for stables to get out from under abandoned horses.

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