IHSAinc.com Releases 2014-2015 Show Schedules

The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association has announced that its 2014-2015 competitive season hunter seat and western show schedules are available for reference on the official website at www.IHSAinc.com.

The Events Calendar, available from the homepage Menu, lists IHSA show schedules as provided by coaches for eight Zones and respective four to five Regions within each Zone.

Show schedules may also be available under Events on the official IHSA Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/pages/Intercollegiate-Horse-Show-Association.

The IHSA show season for undergraduate students culminates in Regional and Zone qualifying competitions in March and April for the 2015 IHSA National Horse Show, April 30-May 4, at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

The oldest and largest national college equestrian competition in America presents a superb opportunity for local barns to showcase sale or lease horses under student riders during competition, and to showcase products and services as a sponsor or vendor. To learn more, contact IHSA National Horse Show organizers, coach Dirk Fogg, [email protected], 508-252-5700 or coach Richard Luckhardt, [email protected], 860-464-7934.

IHSA promotes competition for riders of all skill levels, who compete individually and as teams at regional and national levels, based on the principle that any college student should be able to participate in horse shows regardless of his or her financial status or riding level. Learn more about its teams and scholarships at www.ihsainc.com.



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