Incredible Summer Sale on Arpolith: GGT-Footing’s Superior Dust Fighting Additive

GGT-Footing’s dust fighting additive is Buy 2, Get 1 Free—but only while supplies last.

The summer heat is here, bringing with it the bane of too many barns—dusty arenas. If you find yourself going across the diagonal to avoid your own cloud of dust, it’s time to solve the problem—it’s time to get Arpolith. Act now, as GGT-Footing’s dust fighting additive is Buy 2, Get 1 Free—but only while supplies last.

Why Arpolith? Made from volcanic ash, Arpolith is a truly green product—organic and environmentally friendly. Because it is chemically inert, it can be used in conjunction with magnesium chloride, as well as with any footing. Of course, organic and versatile doesn’t mean much if the product isn’t effective.

Fortunately, Arpolith can absorb 30% of its own weight in water, creating superior moisture control. Not only that, but Arpolith is guaranteed to last two years—but happy clients will find it last even longer. The benefits of Arpolith just keep going. Arpolith not only controls dust, it also stabilizes soggy arenas after heavy rain. It offers true moisture control, balancing your footing in all kinds of weather. Some products on the market only last one year. Why have the hassle of yearly application? Instead, use Arpolith—easy to install, long lasting, effective and safe for the environment, your horses, and you.

Used in Germany many years, GGT-Footing is proud to be the exclusive North American dealer for this all organic water retention product.

Please note—supplies are going quickly. In order to take advantage of this Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer, you must get your order in now.

For further information about any of our products contact Carrie Adams at or call 864-804-8664 (cell) or 864-579-4484 ext. 105 (office)

GGT -Footing  is the equine footing division of Polysols, Inc.

Located in Spartanburg, SC. Originally based out of Germany, but due to demand in the USA, a plant was opened eight years ago, to accommodate the growing needs.

Now offering a full line of Arena textile additives, specialty groomers, stall matting, arena butterfly matting systems, dust control.

GGT -Footing also has a pre-blended mix available to ship, ready to install on your freshly laser graded base.

We offer arena and free sand consultation. We also have accomplished arena builders around the world, ready to serve your every need for arena footing.

Our products are used in private back yard farms to World Class Olympic level venues.

GGT -Footing is a world class product that you can afford!







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