Industry Experts Join Forces to Provide Unmatched eBook Services

Carol Upton of Dreams Aloud Promotions and Carol Aldridge of Equine Office Solutions have collaborated to form the equine industry’s premier source of eBook publication and promotion services.

“This collaboration represents the first of its kind in North America,” stated Carol Aldridge. “We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to combine our experience and expertise to provide this all-in-one service resource for industry professionals.”

There are three main components to producing a successful eBook: quality content, professional publication and widespread promotion. This team provides it all!

Carol Upton said, “The popularity of eBooks provides an affordable way to market your equine business. Effective promotion can be challenging, but it no longer needs to be. Our goal is to make your life easier by helping you link your business dreams to the world.”

For more information on the expert consulting, copywriting, editing, publication and promotion services offered through this unique partnership, visit or

Carol Upton is a Writer-Editor, Publicist, and Co-Founder of The Sunshine Coast School of Writing. Through Dreams Aloud Promotions she helps equine-related clients identify goals, build marketing plans, create professional content, develop targeted media lists, book speaking engagements and create maximum exposure for their publications.

Carol Aldridge is an administrative consultant and support specialist for the equine industry. Through Equine Office Solutions, she provides expert eBook publication services, research and copy writing services, social media and email marketing support, and a range of other business support services.

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