Julie Goodnight Launches Free Horse Training Podcast on iTunes

Julie Goodnight’s new podcast series—Julie Goodnight’s Horse Master Academy, Presented by SmoothStride Jeans—launches on March 15, 2017, on Podbean and iTunes.

Julie Goodnight’s new podcast series—Julie Goodnight’s Horse Master Academy, Presented by SmoothStride Jeans (—launches on March 15, 2017, on Podbean ( and iTunes. Goodnight’s free podcast includes 10 episodes and covers horse care and training topics for horse owners and enthusiasts. Stream these fun and conversational podcasts while you drive to the barn or while you’re riding! Seventy more podcast episodes are available to Goodnight’s Academy members. Become a library or interactive member today at and access audios, articles and over 200 videos (plus behind the scenes clips only available in the Academy) of the hit TV show, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight.

About Julie Goodnight’s Horse Master Academy, Presented by SmoothStride Jeans:

Listen now on the PodBean website ( or download the app to your smartphone or tablet ( Goodnight’s new podcast has 10 free episodes available now. She’ll release a new episode each month—covering a training topic, horse behavior info or riding tips. Each new podcast will be featured in Goodnight’s free e-news. Sign up for free access at to make sure you get the news about each new episode.

“This podcast is great for any rider on the move,” says Goodnight. “Listen as you ride or while you drive to the barn.”

Podcast Episodes Available Now

  1. Groundwork Basics
  2. Barn Aisle Hand Signals
  3. Horse Behavior: How Your Horse’s Senses Affect His Actions
  4. Horse Behavior: Postures
  5. Coming Back to Riding After a Fall
  6. Horse Behavior: Herd-bound Fixes
  7. Dealing with Spooky Sounds on the Trail
  8. Claustrophobia and Horses: Moving Through Tight Trail Obstacles
  9. Stay Safe on Group Rides
  10. Master Each Gait

In addition to the episodes on the podcast, access the full library of over 70 audios when you’re a member of the Horse Master Academy Library or Interactive plans. Click here for the full list:, and join the Academy by going to

How To Listen

Download the Podbean app (or any app you want to use to listen to podcasts on) from the iTunes store or Google Play (, and then search for “Julie Goodnight” in the app. Need more help? Go to for step-by-step directions to help you download and listen right away!

About Smooth Stride

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About Julie Goodnight

Goodnight is the popular RFD-TV host of Horse Master with Julie Goodnight airing Mondays. Goodnight travels the USA sharing her no-nonsense horsemanship training with riders of all disciplines. Goodnight has ridden in many different saddles– she’s experienced in dressage and jumping, racing, reining, cow horse, colt-starting, and wilderness riding. Goodnight grew up on the hunter-jumper circuits in Florida, but is now at home in the West. She and her husband, Rich Moorhead, live in the mountains in Salida, Colorado. Both love versatility ranch horse competitions and riding cow-horses. Explore Goodnight’s online library and many training videos at; be sure to sign up for the free monthly training news with the “Free Access” link at and please subscribe to the free YouTube channel at






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