Kensington Protective Products, Inc., Distributor of Freedom Feeder

Kensington Protective Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium quality equine wear and accessories is pleased to announce that we have been the proud distributor of Freedom Feeder Small Mesh Hay Nets, a U.S.-manufactured product that specializes in slow feed hay nets.

In January of this year Kensington Protective Products’ President and CEO, Anthony Gatto, established a business relationship with Steve and Melissa Auman of Freedom Feeder by becoming the sole distributor of Freedom Feeder “Pasture in a Net.” Since joining the Kensington family, Freedom Feeder has been able to expand their exposure through Kensington’s vast customer base.

The Freedom Feeder Company was established back in 2008. Melissa says, “We are first and foremost horse owners and horse lovers with close to a century of combined horse knowledge. We pioneered the slow feed movement with Freedom Feeder in 2007 and have helped thousands of horses live happier, healthier lives using our ‘Pasture In A Net’ slow feed system.”

They are both Professional Natural Barefoot Trimmers and teachers of natural solutions to your horse’s basic needs, which can be easily and economically implemented, including feeding systems, nutrition, natural hoof care, stabling/paddock systems and general horse management. The Freedom Feeder Small Mesh Hay Nets have proven themselves in all different venues, especially at Santa Anita Race Track in the Matthew Chew Racing Stables barn.

“I consider the Freedom Feeder hay net as insurance against colic, they improve digestion and virtually eliminated feed waste,” said Matt Chew, who has been using the nets since 2010. Since the Freedom Feeder SMHNs were incorporated into his training program, Chew has saved close to $1,400/month on un-wasted hay and reduced stomach ulcers in his racehorses by 75%.

Freedom Feeder Small Mesh Hay Nets are regularly recommended by Dr. Juliet Getty, equine nutritionist and author of “Feed you horse like a horse,” as well as San Luis Rey Equine hospital in addition to several other veterinarians and equine dentists.

To learn more about the Freedom Feeder line you can visit the Kensington website at, or you can visit the Freedom Feeder website at, which has many education videos/testimonials about the Slow Feed feeding method and other “Natural Horsemanship” solutions along with Instructions, FAQ and Warranty Info available to the public.

Kensington Protective Products, Inc., family owned and operated since 1954, produces a complete line of quality equine protection products. Innovations such as the patented Protective Sheet and the Bug Eye Mask have established Kensington as a leader in the equine apparel industry. Defined by their color-coordinated line of accessories, Kensington can dress a horse, barn and trailer with durable style. Kensington’s Lifetime Guarantee reflects our commitment to quality and the equine community with proceeds benefiting horse rescues throughout the country. For more information about Kensington products or for the dealer nearest you visit or call 909-469-1240.






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