Kentucky Dressage Association to Build World-Class Dressage Complex Fundraiser

The Kentucky Dressage Association is working to raise funds to renovate the Dressage Complex at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Kentucky Dressage Association is working to raise funds to renovate the Dressage Complex at the Kentucky Horse Park. The project to create a world-class dressage facility is a joint venture between Kentucky Dressage Association, the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation and the Kentucky Horse Park. A silent auction was held Nov. 7-9 to raise funds toward Phase I of the project.

The Goal: A World Class Dressage Complex

Renovating the Dressage Complex is the last piece of the Kentucky Horse Park’s competition venue’s improvements. The Kentucky Dressage Association is partnering with the Kentucky Horse Park and Kentucky Horse Park Foundation to make this a reality, by kicking off Phase I of the Dressage Complex Renovation Project.

Phase I includes:

· New Show Office

· Show Office Furnishings

· Improve the current Dressage Pavilion

· New mobile judges boxes

· Sound system wiring

· Improve lunging areas

· Landscaping

A new show office will provide offices for show management, volunteers, announcers, officials and scorers with entrances and access to ease flow and communications during shows. Included in the show office will be a kitchen for caterers and restrooms for show officials and volunteers.

The Kentucky Dressage Association has worked and consulted with other show officials, competitors and show managers to compile a list of items to make this dressage complex unique and functional for all shows that use the facility.

Phase II of the Dressage Complex Renovations will include five new dressage rings and warm-ups with good footing, proper drainage and areas for viewing.

For more information on the Kentucky Dressage Association or the World Class Dressage Complex visit You can also follow KDA at and

The Kentucky Dressage Association, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, is a group member organization of the United States Dressage Federation. The purpose of KDA is to promote and strengthen the art and sport of Dressage in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KDA will provide leadership to its members to assist them in fostering individual and collective growth by providing education, publications, competitions, exhibitions, and increasing general public awareness for Dressage.






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