Large Animal Vet Finds Non-Healing Wound Solution a 'Click' Away

Veterinarian Dr. Kacie Wells opened her large animal practice, Edgewater Equine Clinic, in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California, and has watched hock sores ravage the well-being of horses and the people who love them.

“Several horse owners complain to me about non-healing wounds on the point of the hock. These common wounds are created by repeated trauma when horses stand after laying down,” said Wells. “In the past, I found these wounds very difficult to treat. I tried a variety of medications and bandages with little success.

“I began recommending Hock Shield boots to my clients and was blown away by the results,” she continued. “Horses that had chronic, bleeding sores healed completely within weeks. Owners found them easy to use and durable. I highly recommend Hock Shield for any horse dealing with this issue.”

For horses with difficult-to-bandage wounds or recurrent sores, long-lasting, neoprene-constructed Hock Shields and Hock Shields Ultra by Click Horse Products are a preferred choice in healing protection by Long Riders Gear and Professional Equine Grooms. Hock Shields, Fetlock Shields, and Fly Veils for the forelock-challenged, are durable, easy to clean and protect horses (and budgets) where it’s needed most. Find more Click Horse Products and true life success stories at or call 831-426-1206.

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