Level 1 Training Intro to Equi-Taping Offered

Equi-Tape is the first elastic kinesiology athletic training tape created for horses. To make that effective application an even easier there is a new online Equi-Taping training course.

July 9, 2013 — In the world of animal health, it is inevitable that a product displaying a history of successful use in the world of human athletics will cross over to the equine community. But a product is only as effective as its proper application, which is where the online convenience of a training course can answer the question, “But how do I use it?”

Equi-Tape is the first elastic kinesiology athletic training tape created for horses. It is a latex-free, elastic cotton two-way stretch tape technology that contains advanced adhesive properties for ease of application, removal and placement longevity.

And to make that effective application an even easier and more worthwhile investment, an online Equi-Taping training course–Level I Training Introduction to Equi-Taping Method & Strategies–is now available to walk the first-time user through the principles behind athletic training tape and clarify the differences between standard, non-elastic athletic taping and kinesiology taping.

The Level I Training Introduction course has been developed to help first-time users gain confidence using the tape. The course covers all the basic methodologies and principles of using the equine elastic kinesiology tape. How to prepare, apply and the dos and don’ts of taping are covered to ensure the best usage and application. The course also introduces six taping patterns for common equine issues and explains how to apply them.

 Upon completion of a 40-question exam, a Certificate of Completion is provided demonstrating the individual’s aptitude in understanding the principles behind, and application of, Equi-Taping on a horse or pony.

The Level I Training Introduction to Equi-Taping Method & Strategies course is now available. To learn more, visit

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