Lucky 5 ACTHA Winners Prepare To Fly High

Aug. 28, 2013 -- The winners of the American Competitive Trail Horse Association's Week End with Monty Roberts contest are getting ready to take off for the horse lover’s week end of a lifetime.

Aug. 28, 2013 — The winners of the American Competitive Trail Horse Association’s Week End with Monty Roberts contest are getting ready to take off for the horse lover’s week end of a lifetime. They’ll be accompanied by ACTHA Founder Carrie Scrima and will be treated with a day at Flag Is Up Farm in Solvang, California. They’ll be riding Monty’s horses and getting tips and personal clinics from Carrie and Monty on ACTHA obstacles. Just being in the company of the legend will fill their memories for times to come.

Monty, the great horse whisperer, is in Sydney, Australia, to assist with the Queen’s prize horse Carlton House. The Queen and her race trainer want to get the absolute best out of him in the Group III Tramway Race. (1400m) at Randwick on September 7th, the same day our lucky winners will be with Monty and his family and staff. It should be exciting to get the news of the race for everyone!

“We first did this several years ago and rewarded some lucky members to this adventure. The results and stories and sheer happiness they all came back with made us want to do it again ASAP. The Roberts graciously are opening their doors for ACTHA once more, but I’m not going to miss it this time!” stated General Manager Tom Scrima..

“The Roberts have been staunch supporters of ACTHA since the early days,” said Scrima. “They were actually very early members without us even knowing it! It wasn’t until I saw Mrs. Roberts name on a ride roster and then Monty’s daughter Debbie that I realized how gracious they truly were. Monty played a central role in our TV series America’s Favorite Trail Horse providing coaching and colorful stories and interviews. The piece about his contribution appearing in Chicken Soup For The Soul was especially poignant. A teacher basically told him not to dream of having a beautiful ranch and making a good living with horses, then instructed him to go home and re-write his essay on something “more realistic.” The next day he made a deal with her. He said you keep your A and I’ll keep my dream. It’s a story we tell around here a lot when we are told it can’t be done. Have you seen his ranch!?

“The support from the professionals in the horse industry has always amazed our staff,” Scrima continued. “We found big names on our membership rosters that could easily charge us for their endorsements, not that we could pay any! But they knew as Mr. Parelli said ‘…you are like the playing field, we are the coaches.’ We had top professionals show up and provide color commentary for our TV show; everyone from Nancy Cahill, Guy McLean, Pat and Linda Parelli, Aaron Ralston, and Colleen Kelley just to mention a few. But Monty recognized the need and value of ACTHA’s mission from the very start and we will always be grateful.”

Ann Kinsey and Debbie Land of ACTHA go on to say, “We had the pleasure of notifying the winners over the phone. The Roberts agreed to join the calls with us, and the fact that the members were blindsided with being told they won and then actually talking to their legendary host caused the most fun outbursts we’ve ever heard! What a treat.”

ACTHA will be paying all hotel expenses and airfares for the winners. They will arrive Sept. 6 and return home Sept. 8 with their stories and pictures.

ACTHA is based near Austin Texas and for five years has been following this mission: To create an enjoyable venue showcasing the wonderful attributes of the great American trail horse and granting them the recognition they so richly deserve. To create a registry open to all breeds and a point designation system which will stay with each horse for its lifetime, thereby adding to their value and distinction. To create and enable humane treatment options and employment for horses in need.






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