Metabolic Patients for Research Study Wanted

Nouvelle Research, Inc, in collaboration with Dr. Tom Schell, is seeking 20 equine patients for an upcoming study to evaluate a new herbal research blend in metabolic patients.

Metabolic syndrome and concurrent insulin resistance are major problems in the equine industry, not only impacting weight and performance, but predisposing to major health ailments including laminitis and even Cushing’s disease. The condition is overall very complex, involving the process of inflammation and many other cellular pathways, each impacting the horse on a different level.

In our upcoming research project, we aim to evaluate the impact of several fruit and mushroom based herbs on metabolic patients. Extracting from human research on Type II diabetes, many of these herbs demonstrate promise in regards to aiding in regulation of sugar (glucose) and insulin function, in addition to providing potent antioxidant support for cellular health.

Each enrolled and qualified patient will receive a minimum of a 30 day supply of the research formula at no charge in exchange for providing feedback on various parameters.

To inquire about the study or to enroll, please contact Dr. Tom Schell via email at [email protected].

For further information regarding our research project, please visit:

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of curcumin based equine supplements that target the inflammatory response. Dr. Tom Schell has been an avid researcher of inflammation, applying and conducting research with the goal of developing new options to help maintain health in the horse. For more information please visit our website at or by calling 1-800-476-4702.



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