Mission for Nouvelle Veterinary Research Remains the Same

Sept. 10, 2013 — The mission for Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc., has always been the same since its’ founding by Tom Schell, DVM, in 2006: “to improve patient comfort, recovery and overall health.”

“We have been doing this for our patients and horses around the world for the past seven years through the use of our clinically proven and research supported anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing formulas,” said Schell. “But we can do much more, especially for those horses in need of care due to abuse or neglect.” 

After 18 years of clinical veterinary practice, Schell has been involved in numerous equine neglect and abuse cases, as well as providing services and time to aid in these patient’s recoveries. He supports the equine rescue groups and commends them on the work they are doing.

Over the summer of 2013, Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc., has teamed up with two equine rescue organizations seeking help with some special cases.

The Blue Skies Riding Academy and Equine Rescue group of Emerson, Georgia (www.blueskiesridingacademy.com) recently received in an OTTB mare, Prized Fashion, with a history of chronic fistulous withers, which can be a complicated and frustrating condition to manage. Prized was seen and treated initially at Auburn for the condition and her recovery was aided by the addition of our Cur-OST EQ Plus GTF and Cur-OST EQ Immune & Repair formulas. Both products were donated for Prized Fashion’s recovery and will be continued forward to assist in her recovery. After 10 days, Beverly Bochetto, the CEO of Blue Skies, noted that the drainage had stopped and the wounds and openings had closed with no heat or swelling. Prized Fashion was feeling good and on a positive road to recovery!

The Horse Rescue of South Florida (www.horserescueflorida.com) received in an 8-year-old OTTB gelding, Number Two Son, which had come from a neglected environment. He was in critical condition upon rescue with severe weight loss, chronic skin infections, ulcers, cribbing and general joint pain. Cynthia Gilbert, the owner of the organization, had managed to help him gain about 250 pounds in the first couple of months, but he was still struggling with a variety of health issues. Two Son was started on our Cur-OST EQ Total Support and Nourish EQ formulas to help combat overall inflammation, pain and support the body through protein supplementation. After two weeks, Gilbert reported that his “overall improvement is amazing!” Two Son seemed more comfortable, was cribbing less and was moving to a better overall condition with less pain. He seemed more content and peaceful with no new skin lesions. He was also reported to be off of all of his prescription pain medications at that time.

Equine rescue groups are an important part of our society and the equine industry in general. They often do a thankless job with many long hours each day, helping to give these horses a fighting chance toward recovery and a new life. Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc., supports their efforts and thanks them for what they do! We are here to support and help you!

If you know of a rescue group in need of assistance or for further information on our Cur-OST line of equine formulations please visit www.curost.com or call 1-800-476-4702.

Direct email inquiries to Schell are welcome at [email protected].



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