Montana Center for Horsemanship 2021 Annual Colt Challenge and Sale

The Montana Center for Horsemanship is full speed ahead to host the annual Colt Challenge and Sale in April 2021.

You can follow the progress of the colts and student trainers on the event’s Facebook page.

The annual Colt Challenge and Sale, hosted by the University of Montana Western and the Montana Center for Horsemanship (MCH), is scheduled and “the show must go on,” according to the organizers of this much-anticipated event. 

“Despite the pandemic and the challenge and uncertainty of being face-to-face and together in person that COVID-19 has brought to the horse world,” said Janet Rose, MCH director of communications and development, “the Montana Center for Horsemanship will host this event as planned. We do not yet know how much of the event will be in person and how much online, but it will take place early this spring. The young horses are at the ranch, they are being ridden and trained in the La Cense Method Natural Horsemanship, and they are receiving the most beneficial foundation a young horse can receive. On top of which, they are beautiful in conformation, mind and breeding.”

Mark your calendar for April 2 and 3 for one of the most anticipated and important natural horsemanship events of the year in Dillon, Montana. More than two dozen of the finest-bred colts are donated by some of the finest ranches in the region. The colts receive about 90 days of natural horsemanship training from some of the top equine students in the Natural Horsemanship/Equine Studies Bachelor of Science Degree program at UM Western, under the guidance and leadership of Eric Hoffmann, MCH Director of Horsemanship.

On April 2 and 3 the public can see the colts in action, under saddle, exposed to everything you can imagine a horse being exposed to. Students and colts compete in a wide range of events, and the following day a public auction features the colts for sale, with all proceeds supporting scholarships and education programs at UM Western. According to Rose, “there is no other program quite like it anywhere in the world!”

To get an early glimpse of some of the horses and students, you can check out this link on Facebook.

The young horses and students are featured on Facebook and the page is updated frequently leading up to the actual event in April. On that page you can “meet” some of the colts, see their color and conformation, learn about their personalities, temperaments, skills and potential direction, and meet some of the exceptional students to learn who they are, where they’re from, and their backgrounds in horsemanship. 

The young horses receive the best foundation in natural horsemanship, the way it is taught at MCH. The young horses are exposed to being indoors in an arena and in enclosed areas, as well as the mountains and many trails as well as the unexpected events that happen both indoors and out. They’re exposed to cows, tarps, ropes and anything a horse and rider might encounter in ranching or recreational riding. Simultaneously, students and instructors get an in-depth feel for each horse, that enables them to convey this information to potential buyers. It’s a true win/win, for the horse and for the student as well as the individual who will purchase the horse.

The annual Colt Challenge & Sale Corporate Presenters include CHS Inc., New Generation Supplements, Rocky Mountain Supply and Zinpro Performance Minerals in partnership with the University of Montana Western and the Montana Center for Horsemanship.

If you would like to learn more about this event or help to support the Montana Center for Horsemanship education and other horsemanship programs as well as the MCH capital campaign expanding the learning and conference center, classrooms, technology and research at MCH, please contact the Center. You’ll be making a difference for horses, students, and education!

To learn more about the capital campaign, programs, events and supporting the Center’s future efforts, please visit or contact Janet Rose at 406-925-3270

The mission of the Montana Center for Horsemanship:
To help every horse and person make the most of their respective lives.
To enable horses to learn effectively and experience “horse happiness” through the process of Natural Horsemanship.
To help individuals achieve personal and professional success in the equine fields.

The Montana Center for Horsemanship is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3).






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