National HBPA Supports AHC Welfare Code

The National Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association is the latest organization to endorse the American Horse Council’s (AHC) Welfare Code of Practice.

The AHC Welfare Code of Practice is a broad set of principles designed to establish good welfare procedures for organizations to follow to “Put the Horse First.” The code outlines in broad strokes what principles organizations are committed to in breeding, training, competing, transporting, enjoying, and caring for their horses. The code encourages everyone to consider the health, safety and welfare of their horses in all aspects of their activities, including the social and ethical issues.

“The National HBPA along with its supportive affiliates and members strongly support the Welfare Code of Practice established by the American Horse Council. The embodiment of the Code to ‘Put the Horse First’ rings true with our membership and supports our mission statement. Being a part of the Welfare Code should be an indication to everyone looking at the equine industry as a whole, that our goal is to uphold the health and welfare of the horse,” said Eric J. Hamelback CEO of the National HBPA.

The AHC’s code is not intended to supersede an organization’s rules or regulations. Any organization’s more specific rules still govern activities sanctioned and regulated by the organization. Rather the code is a compliment to any such rules and restates the principles to be followed by breed registries, trade associations, various disciplines and the horse community as a whole in pursuing their equine activities.

To review the AHC Welfare Code of Practice, a list of the 52 organizations supporting the code, and a FAQs page, please visit the AHC Website at

As the national association representing all segments of the horse industry in Washington, D.C., the American Horse Council works daily to represent equine interests and opportunities. Organized in 1969, the AHC promotes and protects the industry by communicating with Congress, federal agencies, the media and the industry on behalf of all horse related interests each and every day. The AHC is member supported by individuals and organizations representing virtually every facet of the horse world from owners, breeders, veterinarians, farriers, breed registries and horsemen’s associations to horse shows, race tracks, rodeos, commercial suppliers and state horse councils.






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