National Reining Horse Youth Association Awards Scholarships to Top Youth

The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) Varsity Reining Club awarded 13 scholarships in 2014, totaling more than $5,000. The Varsity Reining Club encourages Reining youth to be more active in their communities, and rewards participants for their scholastic accomplishments. “Reining has always been an extracurricular activity for our youth, and the Varsity Reining Club is our opportunity to encourage community involvement that spans far beyond the show arena,” said Hayley Lewallen, Sr., Coordinator of Marketing.

Varsity Youth of the Year Award Recipients (youth ages 14 to 18 as of Jan. 1, 2014)

Top Varsity Youth of the Year: Megan D’Andrea, 17, from Fowler, Ohio, with 9,113 total points. D’Andrea‘s total points included submissions in the community service category, but also included participation in photography and fundraising. When not giving back to her community, D’Andrea of course enjoys spending time with her horses.

Second: Holly Lansidel, 17, from Mc Kenna, Wash., with 5,005 total points.

Third: Amy Stoney, 18, from McClave, Colo., with 3,515 total points.

Fourth: Lydia Wilson, 17, from Smithfield, Va., with 3,445 total points.

Fifth: Samantha Land, 15, from Boerne, Texas, with 1,505 total points.

Sixth: Blair McFarlin, 17, from Franklin, Tenn., with 1,350 total points.

Seventh: Shaelyn Vering, 17, from Scribner, Neb., with 1,325 total points.

Eighth: Jordan Scott, 16, from Bluff City, Tenn., with 1,230 total points.

Junior Varsity Youth of the Year Award Recipients (youth ages 13 and younger as of Jan. 1, 2014)

Top Junior Varsity of the Year: Grace Wilson, 14, from Smithfield, Va., with 2,455 total points. Wilson’s points included the time spent volunteering with several different groups in her area, one of which includes an equine rescue group.

Second: Reagan Stephens, 14, from Weatherford, Okla., with 2,070 total points.

Third: Taylor Masson, 14, from Davie, Fla., with 1,238 total points.

Fourth: Ally Jones, 13, from Franklin, Ky., with 1,046 total points.

Fifth: Robin Foster, 9, from Strawberry Plains, Tenn., with 375 total points

Point values in the Varsity Reining Club are awarded based on participation in four main categories: philanthropy; creativity; publicity; and academics. Within these primary areas of focus, participants can record activity in photography, community service, report back, and fundraising. The Varsity Reining Club is free for NRHyA members, and serves as an innovative tool to help Reining youth become more involved at a local level while developing valuable life skills. Learn more and enroll online today at

For more information on the National Reining Horse Youth Association, please visit, find NRHyA on Facebook, call 405-946-7400, or email






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