New Mobile Ready Website to Launch Soon

Stolen Horse International, Inc., is proud to announce the future launch of our new website, the definitive lost and found resource, dedicated to assist millions of horse enthusiast and victims in the horse world.

This nonprofit organization is ever evolving and expanding our helpful services. A worldwide gateway, serves all horse owners both before and after a disaster strikes. The new site will be mobile ready, easier to use and offers more useful programs and resources to all riding disciplines, horse breeds and missing horse victims.

The site is an ongoing resource for missing and stolen horse report listings, equine identification information, related news and educational articles and updates. Stolen Horse International is well known as the “lost and found’ place for horses on the internet for the equine industry. offers horse theft and equine ID education and assist in search and recovery of stolen or missing horses, as well as other equine equipment.

Our website serves as a voice for both victims and horse owners by providing a way to share problems, ideas and solutions to an ever present problem in the horse industry. Our report listings allows victims the opportunity to have thousands see and share their information to help bring more horses home. Pictures, flyer, contact information, updates and other information are a part of every NetPosse report page to assist in search and recoveries of missing horses. also includes equine identification solutions through education and the opportunity to purchase microchips and other forms of ID through our NetPosse Store. Our extended law enforcement, animal control as well as our volunteer state case manager program offers more expertise than ever.

Check out our current site and watch for the new mobile version coming soon! Have a suggestion? Contact us from the website. You can also find us on Facebook: Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka as well as Twitter, Google+, YouTube and many other social outlets.






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