New Bandages Available for Equine Industry

Arrowhead Cohesive Wrap

Arrowhead Animal Health has been launched to bring a complete line of adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps for large and small animals. Arrowhead Athletics is the parent company. The wraps are designed to improve the comfort, recovery and protection of animals.

All Arrowhead products are made in the USA and are built to be 5-10 percent stronger than other tapes and wraps on the market. The company is also one of the few USA companies with the ability to manufacture both adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps under one roof, providing consistent quality. All Arrowhead products come with a 100 percent quality guarantee.

With over 34 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industry-leading tapes and wraps for the athletic market, Arrowhead is recognized as an innovator in performance products and the company is proud to introduce a product line built specifically for animals and animal health professionals.

Arrowhead’s animal health product line ranges from vet wraps to adhesive stretch tapes, all constructed to meet the needs of those who provide care for animals of all sizes. From small dogs to large equines, Arrowhead Animal Health products are ideal for vet clinics, stables, kennel facilities, farms and zoos.

“Our proven ability manufacturing premier performance-driven tapes and wraps for human athletes, teams and Olympians was invaluable preparation for Arrowhead launching Arrowhead Animal Health,” said Jonathan McEuen, Vice President of Business Development at Arrowhead. “We are excited to bring decades of expertise into the animal health and veterinary market, and to help support the recovery and performance of all species.”

Arrowhead’s on-site research and development allows for constant innovation into new materials and applications including adhesive and cohesive tapes and wraps in different sizes, colors, patterns and scents to suit the needs of large and small animals alike.

About Arrowhead Animal Health

Arrowhead Animal Health partners with those who are responsible for the care of large and small mammals. Arrowhead designs and manufactures high-quality, dependable cohesive and adhesive tapes and wraps to aid in the comfort, protection, and healing of animals. For more information visit their website.






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