New Episodes from Arizona’s White Stallion Ranch from Julie Goodnight

Eight brand-new episodes of RFD-TV's top-rated horse training show Horse Master with Julie Goodnight are now available on Horse Master TV Online at

June 22, 2013 — Eight brand-new episodes of RFD-TV’s top-rated horse training show Horse Master with Julie Goodnight are now available on Horse Master TV Online at

Shot at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona ( this year, the eight episodes cover helpful topics for any rider, such as commanding respect from your horse, calming fear while riding in a crowded arena, helping a distracted horse focus and more. The shows are easy to stream “on demand” any time you’d like to watch.

“I recently subscribed to Horse Master TV Online, and I love it!” comments viewer Barbie Bassett. “I just watched two episodes this morning, and I highly recommend it to all my horse friends.”

Choose to watch any episode you’d like on a pay-per-view basis or subscribe to watch on an unlimited basis and have access whenever you need help with your horse. You’ll see Goodnight’s one-on-one help in each show as she helps a different horse and rider achieve horsemanship goals in any discipline. The new episodes from Arizona include:

  • Cactus Cowgirl, Episode 609: Goodnight works with a White Stallion Ranch guest who rides new horses during each vacation.
  • Behind the Scenes, Episode 610: Extra footage and bloopers from four episodes!
  • Boss Mare, Episode 611: Teaching a horse owner to take charge and command respect in any location.
  • Ride By Me, Episode 612: Calming a horse and rider’s fears of riding in a crowded arena.
  • Focal Point, Episode 613: Helping a distracted dressage prospect gain focus with calm-down circling exercises.
  • Turn the Corner, Episode 614: Teaching a competitive trail rider to back through obstacles with precision while turning on the forehand and haunches..
  • A Little R&R, Episode 615: Relaxation exercises to help a rider soften her shoulders and supple her horse for three-day-event work.
  • All Around Girl, Episode 616: An English rider wants to compete in stock horse all-around competition and needs to slow and collect the canter.

With well over 125 other episodes indexed by topic and easily searchable, you’ll find video lessons on almost any topic from halter training a 2-month-old filly to flying lead changes. Sign up now at






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