New UK Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Website Launched

Sept. 20, 2013 — The University of Kentucky is pleased to announce the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has launched a new website aimed towards veterinarians, farmers, animal owners and organizations. 

The UK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory website can be found at The user-friendly website provides information on testing, prices, turn-around time, publications and dynamically updated information on diagnosed diseases on a county level basis in Kentucky. People can search for tests offered by animal species, discipline and keywords. Submission forms, shipping guidelines and complete instructions on how to submit samples are available, as well as contact information and directions to the laboratory.

This is the first phase in the overhaul of the diagnostic labs electronic capability. Phase 2 will see the launch of a new client portal on the website allowing for search of previous submissions, final reports and online bill-pay within the next six months. Currently in testing is the lab’s mobile app, which will allow for disease differential diagnosis, sample guidelines and form access for veterinarians in the field.

New on-demand historical information will allow the user to choose species and disease of interest and immediately see a graphic interface displaying the last three years of data in the new epidemiology information section. Eventually, this will display custom geographic distribution of disease as well.

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