North American Western Dressage Hosts May Trailblazers Virtual Show

North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is pleased to announce its upcoming Virtual Show from May 9 through May 17. Participants from around the country and internationally will be able to submit videos for judging by NAWD licensed Western Dressage judges. NAWD Trailblazers Virtual Show features prizes for NAWD Trail Tests, with specialty collector ribbons designed by Michelle Guillot for Trail, NAWD Six Feet on the Ground, and USEF or NAWD Western Dressage. Cost for competing is $25 per class entry with no additional fees.

“As we kick off the May Trailblazers Virtual Show, I’d like to offer a special thank you to Kris Blacklock of Wisconsin for giving NAWD the inspiration to create the NAWD Trail Tests and then jumping in to start drafting them. They are just what we needed to move closer to our mission of proving that Western Dressage is more than just a competition–it truly is a tool to create a more versatile horse. We look forward to judging the growing number of participants who are interested in Virtual shows,” said Jen Johnson, president of NAWD.

Registration is available HERE or at this link

NAWD Six Feet on the ground tests can be found HERE or at this link

Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced tests can be found HERE or at this link

USEF Western Dressage Tests can be found HERE or at this link

What do you need for filming a Virtual Show test?

1) Level and safe arena. It can be dirt or grass. The key is that it needs to be level and safe.

2) Arena dressage lettered markers (center line cones can be used for Six Feet on the Ground)

3) A video camera (or cell phone camera)

4) A tripod for the camera

5) Someone to operate the video camera, and

6) an Internet connection to upload your video to YouTube.

Virtual Show Tips

1) Virtual show entries are best filmed using a video camera on a tripod with zoom capability

2) The camera is your ‘judge.’ Place it about 5 to 8 feet behind letter ‘C’ and elevate it 3 or 4 feet if possible. This placement makes it very similar to where a judge would view your ride at a live show

3) Upload each test as an ‘unlisted’ video from your camera to your personal YouTube Channel. Be patient as upload time is dependent upon video size and speed of your internet connection is (4G is optimal)

4) Video links are emailed to and must include Test Name, Handler/Rider Name in the subject line. Within the email itself, include Show Date, Test Name, Handler/Rider Name, Horse Name, and YouTube video link. You can include multiple video links in one email, and

5) Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation receipt from North American Western Dressage and test(s) will be forwarded to a judge. Be patient for results since it takes time to review, make scorecard comments, and determine placings (if for a virtual show event).

Individuals throughout the country have already started practicing and are planning on submitting NAWD tests.

More information about North American Western Dressage can be found HERE or at

North American Western Dressage is a non-profit organization that offers casual, fun, and affordable ways to learn about Western Dressage in the form of clinics and virtual shows. We start from the ground up with our “Six Feet on the Ground” Groundwork program, continue with Western Dressage Tests, Western Dressage Freestyles, and Western Dressage Trail tests. Our judges are carefully chosen for their understanding that Western Dressage is not dressage in a western saddle and that the fundamentals of good riding are universal. We embrace and include equine enthusiasts from ALL walks of life.






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