North American Western Dressage Introduces Select Western Dressage Professional Program

North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is pleased to announce its North American Western Dressage Professional Program. We welcome everyone as a professional member, and we provide them with advertising, networking, and many other opportunities. The NAWD Stars program gives professionals the opportunity to prove their skill in training and coaching at no additional cost to them.

Now, we are pleased to introduce yet another way for professionals to prove their merit–this time as educators–by introducing The NAWD Select Western Dressage Professional Program. All NAWD Select Western Dressage Professionals must first be a NAWD Professional. NAWD Select Western Dressage Professionals will take a written exam, prove that they are adept at virtual (video) coaching, and earn NAWD Coaching and Training stars. Those NAWD Professionals who become NAWD Select Western Dressage Professionals will receive additional benefits and opportunities at NAWD (as described on the webpage–link provided below).

Professionals will find that the process of achieving select status is a learning activity itself. The exam we have created is not about rules or training techniques, nor is it about Western Dressage. Rather, it is about learning styles and lesson plans for equestrians, gaits and movements, and general horsemanship. There are 4 Select Levels that NAWD Professional members may achieve. These levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

Jen Johnson, president of NAWD said, “Here in the United States anyone can hang out a shingle as an equine professional and there are very few resources that help clients identify which professionals are truly knowledgeable and which are not. Horsemanship instructors are watching the rapid growth of Western Dressage and are recognizing the potential it has for a very positive economic impact on the horse industry. North American Western Dressage has gained an average of one new professional every week this year–amazing growth for which we are very thankful. We welcome trainers and coaches regardless of prior discipline, accomplishments, background, or organizational affiliation. We are pleased to offer this opportunity for them to show the world that they are true equestrian educators.”

NAWD select western dressage professionals will receive digital medallions for their websites with their status and certificates of achievement for display at their facilities.

Program details can be found HERE or by following this link

More information about North American Western Dressage can be found HERE or at

North American Western Dressage is a non-profit organization that offers casual, fun, and affordable ways to learn about Western Dressage in the form of clinics and virtual shows. We start from the ground up with our “Six Feet on the Ground” Groundwork program, continue with Western Dressage Tests, Western Dressage Freestyles, and Western Dressage Trail tests. Our judges are carefully chosen for their understanding that Western Dressage is not dressage in a western saddle and that the fundamentals of good riding are universal. We embrace and include equine enthusiasts from ALL walks of life.






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