NRCHA Open Futurity Champion Nick Dowers Announced as Road to the Horse 2016 Competitor

The history of Road to the Horse is rich with champions. Fans of the prestigious World Championship of Colt Starting event have witnessed a huge diversity of talent enter the round pen, but never have they witnessed a contender like 2016 competitor Nick Dowers.

Dowers enters Road to the Horse already crowned a champion. A NRCHA Open Futurity Champion and a NRCHA Futurity Open Hackamore Champion, Dowers not only has demonstrated his ability to build the perfect foundation, but furthermore demonstrated his ability to develop that colt into an elite athlete. With over $250,000 in NRCHA earnings, Dowers has proven he has mastered the complete process from conception to perfection.

“I was just accepted to be a competitor at Road to the Horse 2016 and I am super excited to bring my style of horsemanship to the event,” expressed Dowers. “I want to showcase how I have taken the Natural Horsemanship and blended it with the Performance Horse Training and how it has developed into a cool combo of the two, where I have combined the best of both worlds and made it work for me at the highest levels of competition. I am really excited to participate in an environment where I can demonstrate my skills and experience to a big audience!”

Humble beginnings in Nevada’s Fish Lake Valley taught the 33-year- old cowboy that hard work, patience and perseverance were the tools for success. Dowers began riding at a young age, using horses on his family’s Triple D Ranches in the Great Basin. This background instilled in him a sincere appreciation for the horse as his partner, as well as a belief that work outside of the arena is crucial. After studying under well-respected horsemen and women, Dowers pulled the best from each to develop his own training theories. Equipped with the knowledge he gleaned from mentors like Bryan Neubert, Joe Wolter, Andrea Fappani and Annie Reynolds, Dowers set out to establish a program with a balance of natural horsemanship and performance horse training techniques. His end goal is to build a partnership with each horse that results in a balanced and confident athlete.

“I am so excited to introduce the fans of Road to the Horse to the talent of Nick Dowers,” stated Road to the Horse Owner and Producer Tootie Bland. “Dowers is an amazing all-around horseman; he is the real deal. He is a working cowboy, he is a gifted horseman and he is a refined performer, but most of all he has an unyielding passion for the horse, it’s like he was designed for Road to the Horse.”

Road to the Horse 2016 will return to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, on March 18-20, 2016. Road to the Horse 2016 tickets are available online at or by calling 877-772-5425.

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A competition untouched by others, Road to the Horse dares elite horse trainers to create a trusting partnership with an untouched 3-year-old American Quarter Horse. The test begins with the selection, choosing a horse from the Remuda from the 6666 Ranch; competitors have just three days to build a working relationship. With disruptive sounds, exhilarating sights and adrenaline-pumping time constraints each competitor must face the final trial, an obstacle course. Only one can walk away with the World Championship of Colt Starting title. Contact Tammy Sronce to discuss sponsorship opportunities available in 2016 at or call 940-859-6512 for details.






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