Omega Fields Announces its New YouTube Channel

July 27, 2013 — Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to announce the creation of our new YouTube channel ( We’ll be posting product videos (, behind-the-scenes video of our photo shoots for new products, most recently our new goat supplement, Omega Kid & Goat Care. There will be video testimonials and an inside look into the competitions and events taken by our Spokespeople and Ambassadors around the country as well as our RFDTV commercials.

Please subscribe to our channel to join in the fun and see interesting aspects and find information about the products and company you love!

Omega Fields is recognized as a minority-owned business. Its mission is to offer the finest quality, most nutritious products at fair prices, and to provide outstanding customer service. Omega Fields wants its customers to have exceptional experiences with their products, staff, websites and retailers. Omega Fields is the first manufacturer in the animal health industry to use human-grade, non-GMO stabilized ground flax seed, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and containing the optimum ratio of the full spectrum of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids for equine, goat, canine, poultry and human nutrition. The innovative use of flax seed milled with a unique stabilization technology ensures long shelf life and superior quality for Omega Fields’ products.

For further information, contact Allison Kuhl, Omega Fields Director of Business Development, at 920-550-4061, ext. 119; email [email protected]; or visit or



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