Parelli Natural Horsemanship Presents The Future of Horsemanship

The Future of HorseManShip reflects the ultimate goal of everyone in the horse industry coming together for the mental, emotional and physical well-being of the horse and greater partnerships between horse and rider.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship, a people-training program focused on the study of horse behavior and horsemanship skills, has announced the debut of one of the most highly anticipated equine events of 2014–The Future of HorseManShip Tour.

The Future of HorseManShip is about how much more we can do with our horses. Typically, people seek the help of natural horsemanship to solve problems with their horses; they are at the mercy of these challenges. Pat and Linda Parelli have developed a program that, if followed, can eliminate difficulties and allow individuals to focus on progressing with their horses in both recreational and competitive riding.

Each event will encompass two separate days with different focuses of horsemanship. Saturday will feature problem-solving, safety on the ground and in the saddle, the secret to a balanced seat, and an in-depth analysis of horse profiling. Sunday will focus on performance horses, how to get your horse to be calm, confident, motivated and willing, behavior-based training and eliminating unpredictability.

Equestrian Samantha Fox of Nottingham, UK, comments on the importance of Parelli principles in her training: “Before my week with Linda (Parelli), Sam and I would always come around the middle of the field in any dressage competition. We had a good try, but were always told, ‘On the forehand, not working from behind, inconsistent contact, not supple through his back.’ … I accepted that Sam and I were always going to be ‘middle of the roaders.’ Then I spent a week with Linda! Since then, Sam and I have come second in every test we’ve done! It’s only prelim, but now we get 7s and 8s in our marks. Now our comments are ‘lovely, relaxed test, nice elastic paces, lovely rhythm, a willing and obedient horse, a lot to like.’ ”

At the end of the day, Parelli’s main goal is to elevate the level of horsemanship worldwide. The Future of HorseManShip incorporates all of the essential components to excelling with your horse, whether you are a recreational rider or a competitive rider. Pat and Linda’s revolutionary embracement of horse profiling helps riders of all levels to understand what their horses need for optimum mental, emotional and physical performance. By taking the time to spend a weekend learning from Pat and Linda, attendees are guaranteed an improved relationship with their horses.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship officially presents a series event like no other. The Future of HorseManShip will take place in six locations around the United States, beginning in Lexington, Virginia, on Feb. 8-9 and concluding in Tampa, Florida, on Dec. 6-7.

To keep up with the latest on The Future of HorseManShip and Parelli Natural Horsemanship, visit the Tour’s Facebook page or

The Parelli method combines in-depth equine psychology and common sense communication techniques in a proven recipe for horse and rider success. It allows horse owners at all levels of experience (from trail rider to Olympic-level dressage rider) to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance, and harmony without coercion. The wider goal is to help create a better world for horses and the people who love them. To learn more about the Parelli Program visit






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