Best Performance Competition Will Kick Off December 1

Over 300 horse shows have signed on to offer the EQUUS Foundation Best Performance Competition (BPC) for the competition year starting on December 1, 2016 to recognize competitive excellence and provide a meaningful way for the equestrian sport community to make a lasting difference in the lives of horses when their sport careers are over.

The BPC is a membership-based cumulative awards program that is unique in the way competitive performance is measured, and is the only awards program where 100% of the proceeds benefit horse welfare!

Horses have a way of making us feel a multitude and range of emotions. Whether it’s the thrill of competition, the peaceful view of a herd of horses on a green expanse, a young rider jumping for the first time or the grace and patience of a therapy horse, no other animal can make us feel the breadth of emotions that our equine partners do.

Imagine a future . . . where these gentle giants, who have given so much of themselves for our enjoyment, continue to lead productive lives after their competitive careers are over.

Imagine a future . . . where horses can have second careers performing miracles for the special needs and veteran communities as well as nurture the next generation of athletes.

Imagine a future . . . where all horses, when the time comes, are given the time and space to just be horses again and live out their lives in comfort and with dignity.

Joining the EQUUS Foundation Best Performance Competition can make this vision a reality!

The BPC is open to Junior, Amateur, and Professional competitors in all divisions at USEF-recognized horse shows*. Exhibitors join one-time annually directly with the EQUUS Foundation for a $100 tax-deductible donation that covers all the shows for the USEF competition year and all horses/ponies shown by the exhibitor at participating shows.

Participating horse shows provide the EQUUS Foundation with the show results. The standings, managed by the EQUUS Foundation and displayed on both the USEF and EQUUS Foundation websites, are broken down by age group and show level. The standings will reflect the best six shows of each member rider/horse combination based on their total points divided by the number of classes entered at the shows where they compete. The overall winners will have the opportunity to award a grant of up to $5,000 in their name to deserving equine charities on the EQUUS Foundation Equine Welfare Network.

*For the inaugural 2016-2017 competition year, participation will be limited to the hunter and jumper disciplines with the goal going forward to embrace all disciplines that wish to participate.

Join here today!

What does $100 do?
$100 feeds two rescue horses for a week!
$100 underwrites the cost for two equine therapy sessions
for the special needs & veterans communities.
$100 makes a difference!

Best Performance Competition Partner Horse Shows**

Aiken Horse Park Foundation
Baymar Farms Inc.
Belfield Farm Show Management
Brownland Farm, LLC
Buffalo International Horse Show
Camelot Events
Country Heir
Devon Horse Show & Country Fair
Equestrian Sport Productions
Fairfield County Hunt Club
Fox Lea Farm Inc.
Gardnertown Farms
Great Lakes Equestrian Festival
Hampton Classic Horse Show
HITS, Inc.
Lake Placid Horse Show Association
Langer Equestrian Group, Inc.
Morrissey Management Group
National Horse Show
Old Salem Farm
Ox Ridge Hunt Club
Pennsylvania National
Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
Progressive Show Jumping, Inc.
Queenie Productions LLC
Skidmore College
Southbound Show Management, Inc.
Stepping Stone Farm, Inc.
Twin Lakes Farm
Venice Equestrian Tour
Washington International Horse Show
Winter Equestrian Festival

“The response has been outstanding,” said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. “We know there are many more shows who are interested and will be signing on. We are now turning our focus on encouraging competitors to sign up for the program.”

**Check here for the current list of horse show partners. Contact us here if a horse show where you compete is not on the list. We will let them know that you want them to offer the Best Performance Competition.
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About EQUUS Foundation: The EQUUS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity established in 2002, also known as Horse Charities of America, is dedicated to improving the quality of life of horses, enabling the therapeutic use of horses for those in need, fostering the horse-human bond, and educating the public about the horse’s unique ability to empower, teach and heal. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contact the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., at 168 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880, Tele: (203) 259-1550, E-Mail:, Website:






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